By Frazer Randalls

BE PREPARED to spend big to own a Karlmann King - the world’s most expensive SUV

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Videographer / director: Jonatan Vitali

Producer: Frazer Randalls,Ruby Coote 

Editor: Alex Lubetkin

With a starting price tag of over $1M, the monster-sized vehicle can even come provided with an optional bullet proof exterior.

Intentionally designed asymmetrical, the sport utility vehicle has what the creator calls the ‘diamond design’.

Designer Luciano D’Ambrosio says inspiration was drawn from the Batmobile that featured in The Dark Knight trilogy.

He told Barcroft TV: “When you’re in this business for so many years you think, how about being a little different, especially exaggerated.

“The vehicle is not symmetrical – on the right side we have one front door and a rear door.

“The left-hand side of the car only has one front door.”

The maverick designer threw the engineering manual out when envisioning the look for the Karlmann King.

Multiple protruding surfaces making up its idiosyncratic look - the car is a spectacle to look at when it’s on the road.

He said: “Instead of trying to create the perfect combination of surfaces, we tried to create a break in the surface.

“Going opposite to what the design rules would usually ask you for, it’s called the diamond design.

Although the car has been designed to be domineering and big, Luciano is quick to point out the car shouldn’t be seen as too aggressive.

The construction of the car is comprised of a shell built and overlapped a Ford F550 chassis, but its unique design doesn’t stop there.

For the more discerning customer the car is almost fully customisable.

“Regarding customisation we can introduce several adjustments for the exterior and interior design.

Under the bonnet, the car boasts a Ford 6.7l V10 engine giving off 420 horsepower and despite its mammoth shape provides a smooth drive on the roads.

The top speed of the vehicle is 220 km/h.

Luciano said: “Given the size of the car you can imagine you’re driving an elephant but it’s a very flexible and nice drive.

Although its starting price begins at a cool $1,085,000, for a more bespoke design and with its customisable extras the vehicle can cost up to $3,800,000.

Luciano said: “My most favourite thing is the way people look at the car, it doesn’t go unseen.

“The most satisfying feeling for a designer is when I receive stunning comments.”