By Kate Moore

SAY HELLO to the world’s most expensive mobile home vehicle – which has a whopping $3 million valuation

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Videographer / director: Nico Neuse
Producer: Frazer Randalls, Ruby Coote
Editor: Ian Phillips​

The ‘Marchi Element’ RV has been created to hit the open road for an adventure, without having to compromise on luxury.

Mario Marchi is president of Marchi Mobile, a company which makes extravagant, innovative vehicles.

Mario told Barcroft TV: “Our philosophy by building our vehicles is the freedom to make the impossible possible.

“It’s made for enthusiasts [with] extraordinary taste.

“You feel like flying, it’s just fun.”

This special vehicle allows you to enjoy the privacy that travelling in a mobile home provides, but can also be used for bigger social events.

And Mario explained the mechanics behind the vehicle: “The original design comes from Luigi Colani, who is a world famous automotive industrial designer.

“His original idea was to use biologic forms out of nature.

“We are very proud of our aerodynamic design, because this allows us to have the best track co-efficiency currently available for a street legal truck.”

It saves at least 20% fuel compared to standard RVs.

The heart of this 28-tonne king of the road is a 600 horsepower Volvo six cylinder in-line engine.

The RV has been extended to a total length of 45 feet. 

Mario said: “We adapted already, our additional air suspension for the main body, so step by step it becomes a luxury element vehicle.”

And every part of this RV has been thought through to make it a comfortable ride on the road.

Mario said that in the latest version they had to redesign the front grill.

“We needed a lot of air intake for the engine,” he said.

“We also decided to choose an automatic sliding door as an entrance.”

Marchi Mobile has created two different models: ‘The Element’ has a fully integrated cabin with the body directly connected and is then mainly used as a mobile home.

They also offer the same futuristic cap to whole semi-trailers, usually used for transportation of any kind of goods.

This ultimate ride doesn't come cheap, available in a whole host of custom options, ‘The Element’ will set you back a cool $3 million, making it the world's most expensive mobile home.

For Mario this is worth it, for the incredible driving experience.

He said: “The view out of the cockpit is incomparable to any other vehicle.

“The driving is outstanding; you are like the captain on the road.

“It’s definitely unique, we are very proud.”