By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

TAKE a look at the world’s longest monster truck - that stretches for 32 feet and is worth 1 million dollars

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Videographer / director: Brad and Jen Campbell
Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
Editor: Joshua Douglas

The Sin City Hustler stretches for 32 feet making it the world’s longest monster truck

The Sin City Hustler stands 12 feet tall and roams the desert of White Hills, Arizona, just 45 minutes outside Las Vegas.

It weighs an estimated 15,000lbs

Seating up to 12 passengers and weighing around 15,000lbs, the perfect party truck was designed and built by owner Brad Campbell, 38, and his wife Jennifer, 31, plays a key part in organising and running daily tours for people to explore inside the truck.

She said: “It’s not everyday you get to build the world’s longest monster truck.

Standing 12 feet tall, it can seat up to 12 passengers and a driver

“We decided we better go big! If Brad has to do something, he does it bigger and better than everyone else – and so we found this ginormous limo and it all went from there.

“We took a lot of components from a race truck. We had to create something that was sturdy, reliable and could hold up to the elements.”

Owners Brad and Jennifer Campbell organise five-minute tours throughout the day

With 66inch wheels and an estimated 750hp 521 Jon Kasse-built BBF engine, the truck does not fall down with its speed either.

It took 15 months for the truck to be built

Jennifer herself is a retired monster truck driver and so she knows exactly how impressive their vehicle is.

“During the day we offer thrill rides in the monster truck. We go through some canyons over the hills – the ride itself is phenomenal,” she added.

The wheels are 66 inches and the engine has an estimated horsepower of 750

“The build itself took 15 months. Brad and our employee Mike did most of the fabrication work and design work – they built the chassis and the roll cage and all of the custom panelling.

“They did everything by hand for 15 months and, I’m not going to lie, I cried when I saw it come out of the shop. I was so excited.”

Brad and Jennifer both used to be pro racers and are used to driving routes like this

The Sin City Hustler is not road legal, but it is worth an astonishing 1 million dollars with its Vegas themed interior - and whoever is driving the vehicle has the luxury of entering the cabin via the private jet-style drop down staircase.

The truck is worth a staggering 1 million dollars

Jennifer said: “One thing about monster trucks that draws people in is the tyres and the wheels.

“One of the coolest parts of being on this monster truck is seeing people’s reactions, people are really excited.

People are often amazed by the sheer size of it

“They all think the truck is insanely amazing and when you see it in person, it is insane. It makes you speechless. It’s just crazy.”