By Martha Hewett @Martha_Hewett

DORSET, in the Southwest of England, is home to a stunning vehicle with a dark, unexpected past

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Videographer / director: Bob Callway

Producer: Frazer Randalls

Editor: Ian Phillips

Andy Saunders, a car fanatic who has bought and rebuilt 58 vehicles, has transformed a 70-year old Peugeot into an art-deco masterpiece. But the transformation of this rusty and dilapidated car isn’t the only story here – this vehicle is known to have a somewhat shocking history. Andy told Truly: “When Germany occupied France, they loved Peugeot and apparently the German army officers would rule the vehicles for toys themselves.” During WW2, Andy said, employees of Peugeot would be made to build these cars for the officers, making his vehicle, ‘Metropolis’, a product of history. Left to rust for almost 70 years, Andy bought the Peugeot in an online auction and had it shipped over from France. He then set about transforming the WW2 relic into the stylish car he has today. Andy lengthened the back and shortened the tail and completed the car with an amazing paint job. He also took inspiration from other cars, fitting in seats from a Jaguar and a steering wheel from a Porsche – the only original part of the car that hasn’t been touched is the classic headlights. Andy’s ‘Metropolis’ is sure to turn heads: “When you drive this, people don’t know what it is. I would love for this to go in a museum.”