By Samantha Grillo @_samanthagrillo

MOTOR-mad Irvin Gordon entered the record books when his beloved Volvo clocked up more than THREE MILLION miles

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Pride and joy: Irv with his 1966 P1800S Volvo at Jones Beach, New York City

And incredibly the 70-year-old's runaround - which he bought in 1966 - has NEVER broken down.

The retired school teacher bought the coup for £2,675 after a three hour test drive with a friend.

Irv Gordon services the car every 3,000 miles - but incredibly the reliant vehicle has never broken down

Irvin, from Long Island, New York, said: "I just couldn't get out of the car - I was having such a good time.

"I spent all Friday night, all day Saturday, all day Sunday and came back Monday for a 1,500 mile check up.

"Most people think its crazy that I've clocked up so many miles but driving is my drug of choice.

"Where other people get rid of their cars after a few years, Ive never got tired of mine.

"I used to go on driving holidays and had a 125 mile commute to work every day so the miles just added up."

Irv had a 125-mile commute to work which helped clock up the miles

Over 46 years with his car Irvin has driven through the USA, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Holland, Canada and Mexico.

He averages 60,000 miles a year - but can do as many as 100,000 miles.

Irv has taken his car overseas to the UK, Germany, Mexico and Canada

He said: "I spent thousands of dollars every year on gasoline. But I like to drive, its my hobby.

“I service the car every 3,000 miles - I have the oil changed, and change the antifreeze.

“Everything is always fresh in the car and ready to go, it never causes me any grief.

A collect photograph of Ray Tanner Volvo on display in Phoenix, Arizona.

Divorced Irvin says one benefit of being on the road so much, he no longer needs a map to navigate American highways.

He said: "My friends used to think I was slightly nuts for driving as much as I do, but now that I am getting all of this attention for my Volvo, they are very impressed.

"I've made a lot of friends because of this car."

The retired school teacher bought the Volvo for £2,675 after a three hour test drive with a friend

In nearly 50 years of ownership, his car has never broken down.

However, the car may have broken other things for Irvin.

He said: "I don't see my ex-wife or my kids - I can't say if that is because of the driving or not."

Irv with P1800 designer, Pelle Petterson, at the 50th anniversary of the P1800 in France in 2011

Irvin hit his three millionth mile on his Volvo P1800 in October of last year, and has since reached 3,040,000 miles.

He said: "It felt really good hitting that 3 millionth mile - it was quite an accomplishment for me.

Irv was inducted into the Guinness World Records after his beloved Volvo clocked up more than three million miles

“It was a great feeling - but I don’t think I will be continuing and going for 4 million miles.

"I'm still entertaining the idea of selling it for a dollar a mile, but I haven’t had any takers.”

Pride and joy: Irv with his 1966 P1800S Volvo at Jones Beach, New York City