By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

A NEW all-terrain vehicle capable of floating on water and putting out fires could save lives in rescue missions

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Videographer / director: Ghe-O Motors
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Matthew Hoare

The Ghe-O Rescue comes equipped with a water hose to put out fires

The latest car by Romanian manufacturers Ghe-O Motors, could give emergency services the edge they need to tackle some of the toughest terrain and rescue scenarios.

Known simply as Rescue - this beast of a car weighs in at 3.2 tonnes and comes equipped with a water pump and a 620L water tank.

The all-terrain vehicle is the brainchild of Ghe-O Motors founder, Robert Operea

The brainchild of Romanian businessman Robert Operea, the idea for the car was a result of his experience rescuing people from disaster hit areas coupled with his love of building off-road vehicles for races.

The beast of a car weighs a whopping 3.2 tonnes and can even float on water

He said: “We have a security company which has been involved in rescuing people from disasters - floods, fires, etc - and in our off-road activities we take part in national off-road championships.

"During our rescue activities we faced a lot of problems with extreme terrains even though we were driving Jeeps, Humvees and Land Rovers.”

Ghe-O Rescue comes with a variety of different tools and accessories to help with a rescue effort

Utilising his experience of creating off-road cars, the enterprising businessman was inspired to build the Rescue and focused its design on practical uses during hazardous rescues.

The specially designed wheels help to give the car grip in the harshest of conditions

He said: “Four years ago we started to build an extreme off-road car and the experience we got from that project drove us to build an extreme rescue truck which could transport many people from affected areas. We needed a large truck with extreme off-road performance.”

Although it is big in size the car can reach speeds of up to 80mph

The Rescue has a capacity of nine people and can easily tackle any terrain due to a bevy of accessories, including floating devices for crossing lakes and still water as well as a plough for thick snow.

Each accessory for the car has been specifically chosen for a particular task

In a rescue situation where speed is vital the Ghe-O Rescue is by no means a slouch, able to easily reach speeds of 80mph and boasting an 8.4 litres V10 engine the all-terrain vehicle can power its way through most natural obstacles.

Robert has put in place plans to mass produce the Ghe-O Rescue

Robert Operea’s Ghe-O Rescue might well be revolutionising the world of all-terrain vehicles with its no-nonsense approach to emergency rescue missions.

He said: “You can find a car that can climb steep walls or a car that can go over snow and water, you can even find a car that can carry a lot of people but no car in the world except for the Ghe-O Rescue can do all of this together.”