By Jack McKay @_jackmckay

A TRACTOR driver showed his CARpentry skills - crafting one of the heavy duty farm vehicles out of wood

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Videographer / Director: Robert Nemeti
Producer: Chloe Browne
Editor: Ian Phillips

Tractor beams: Istvan and his wife, Irén, built the wooden tractor over eight months

Istvan Puskás used his training as a master carpenter to build the functional wooden tractor complete with 150cc engine and a four speed gearbox.  

The 53-year-old, from Tiszaörs, Hungary, then fitted his 300kg pine masterpiece with real tractor tyres.

The wooden tractor was Istvan's biggest challenge to date

Istvan has been crafting wooden vehicles for the past decade – including three pushbikes, a two and a three wheeled motorbike, and even a wooden car.

But the tractor was his biggest challenge yet.

Woodsman: Istvan has been making vehicles out of wood for more than ten years

He said: "I am very pleased with it but I have to say it was very difficult to create the wheels and the whole lot. 

"It does not go fast - but it was never made for that purpose.  

"It was only made as a hobby so that we could have a wooden tractor too."

Ploughing on: Istvan is already motoring ahead with plans for his next project

Istvan began work on the 'Fa-tor’, Hungarian for Wood-tor last August and spent eight months on the build.

And he wasn’t short of help, getting inspiration from friends and family.

Istvan sits atop his creation in Tiszaörs, Hungary

"He did most of the work on his own, I only helped him with the lacquering and coating. 

"I am really happy with his hobby and I can't really wait for his next wooden creation.”

The tractor weighs 300kg and took eight months to build

The tractor was unveiled on May 1 at the local football ground in Tiszaőrs.

Woodbine: Istvan celebrates his handiwork with a smoke

Istvan said: "The locals checked it out and everyone was really happy about it - even the Hungarian Agricultural Minster took a good look at it."

Istvan's next build could be an F1 car

And now Istvan is already motoring ahead with plans for his next project.

She said: "I haven’t thought about it much yet but if I could get my hands on four Formula 1 racing tyres then I might create a wooden F1 car.”