By Dan Howlett @DanHowlett85

QUIRKY mechanics have created a ‘Topsy Turvy’ vehicle - by fusing two American school buses on top of each other

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Videographer / director: Todd Lewis
Producer: John Balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Jack Stevens

Topsy turvy: The bus draws stares wherever it goes

Brit Steve Braithwaite, 55, and his business partner Tom Brown, 56, took inspiration from a famous ice-cream maker for the wacky bus.

The mammoth build took more than six months and required the pair to design their own machinery that would allow them to flip one bus on top of the other.

Cold hard facts: Ice cream magnate Ben Cohen commissioned the original topsy turvy bus

Steve, who is originally, from Woodstock, Oxfordshire, said: “We have a rotisserie that can turn cars but for this we had to build our own enormous version.

Political message: The original topsy turvy bus was made to protest government spending - which it was claimed was upside down

“The whole thing was trial and error as we had never undertaken such a huge project – I would say it took us around six months to get the thing in place but then we needed to add a lot more detail.”

Long hours: The entire process took more than six months to complete

The initial idea for vehicle - known as the 'Topsy Turvy Bus’ - was conceived by Ben Cohen co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.

He wanted to highlight government spending, which he said was upside down, so commissioned artist Tom Kennedy to make him an upside down bus.

Trial and error: The team behind the bus had never taken on such a huge job

It was sold and eventually found its way into the hands of environmental organisation Hazon who had such a great response they decided to commission the Mutant Brothers – Steve and Matt - to make a second one.

Big job: The team had to create a giant rotisserie to maneuverer the bus
Overbudget: The bus cost a lot more than planned to make but the team say it was worth it

“You don’t realise what’s involved until you get to the point of building it,” added Steve, who moved to the USA in 1987.

“Two school buses cut in half and then one of them is turned upside down and placed on top – it’s hard.

“It cost a lot more than we were expecting but it was definitely worth it.”

The Mutant Brothers: Tom and Steve have made other custom vehicles including the banana car

The Topsy Turvy Bus weighs 14,700 pounds, is 24 feet long and 13 feet high with a top speed of around 50 kilometres an hour.

Tom, whose business is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan, added: “It was completely exhausting, you would leave at the end of the day very tired but were always so excited to get back in and get to work.

Slow ride: The enormous bus has a top speed of 50mph

“I’ll never forget the moment we saw them both on top of each other it was so exciting, we were high-fiving and hugging, it was incredible.

“Now we are just thinking what’s next – who knows?”