By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

A CAR enthusiast has raced two of his precious movie cars across California to pay tribute to one of his favourite films – The Fast And The Furious

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Videographer / Director: Franck Galiegue
Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper

33-year-old Franck Galiegue is the proud owner of the actual off-road Dodge Charger that Vin Diesel drove in Furious 7.

He also owns a perfect replica of the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse - the very first car that the late Paul Walker drove in the franchise.

And so Franck, with his close partner and friend Joffrey Tourret, decided to race the two iconic cars from Gardena, California, to the Neptune’s Net restaurant in Malibu – a place where Vin Diesel and Paul Walker meet in the first movie.

The Fast And Furious series is one of the biggest movie franchises ever and has now taken over five billion dollars at box office.

Franck, who resides in Paris, told Barcroft TV: “That’s a very beautiful moment in the movie. It’s really a special spot for all the fans of the franchise.

“We thought that bringing the vehicles there would probably make people go nuts.

“We decided we wanted to use these amazing cars for a special video – because they were never seen together on screen in the real movies.

“I have owned many movie cars along the years, but the off-road Charger is the first one I have from Fast And Furious and yes, having a car that Vin Diesel sat in and drove on screen is pretty special.”

The off-road Charger has a horsepower of 500, with a V8 LS3 Chevrolet engine.

Franck said: “To me, it’s the best iteration of the Chargers in all the franchise because it’s off-road. So you have that cool mix of muscle car but at the same time it can go anywhere.

“It’s a real screen-used car. It’s very, very special to me.”

The lime-green Mitsubishi has a 320 horsepower and Franck claims that it’s one of the most sought after cars for the fans.

“People really love it, people just go nuts when I’m in the street with it,” he said.

“It has a big turbo. It’s the car that Paul Walker races against Vin Diesel and the engine blows up!

“It’s one of the most iconic cars from the whole franchise for the fans.”

Whilst neither car was built for speed, Franck noticed they could efficiently go from 0-60mph in around five seconds.

He managed to push the Mitsubishi to 120mph and thought it could go quicker.

Franck said: “It took approximately two hours to get to Neptune’s Net on the way in.

“But then our biggest problem was on the way back because we had to drive the Charger with no lights. Because it’s a movie car it has no braking lights or turning signals.

“It has nothing except for just a start button and a steering wheel.

“We ended up being at night with this car. So we had to duck-tape some flashlights to the front and I was following closely with the Mitsubishi behind to try and hide that it didn’t have taillights.

“That was intense and funny at the same time.”

Franck was reluctant to reveal the current worth of each of the cars – especially the Charger, which he feels is priceless.

The Frenchman’s movie car collection also includes a replica DeLorean from Back To The Future and an 89’ Batmobile.

He said: “All in all I didn’t know how long I would keep the Charger and the Mitsubishi, so before life happens and I have to sell one or the other, or both – I wanted to make that one special video."

“So we can have a souvenir from those cars and a good one at that.

“People really love it.”