By Tom Midlane @goldenlatrine

LIMOUSINES may be the choice mode of transport for A-listers and the superrich - but here’s one that Jay Z and Beyonce might not want to be seen in

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Videographer / director: Robert Nemeti
Producer: Tom Midlane, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Martin Jinek and his pal Jaroslav Valenta decided to build the limousine as a challenge to themselves

Mechanic Martin Jinek, 33, and his electrician friend Jaroslav Valenta, 34, joined forces to build what they believe is the only Skoda stretch limo in the world.

The build is believed to be the only Skoda limousine in the world

The pair, from Ústí nad Labem in the Czech Republic, took a humble Skoda 105L - one of the most popular cars in central and eastern Europe when it was released in the late 70s - and did a custom DIY job to create the unique vehicle.

Martin said: "There has never been a Skoda Limousine before - it’s a machine that brings joy and happiness to everyone’s eyes.

The vehicle is 7 metres long and has a 1.3 litre engine

“We created our Skoda purely as a challenge, I think that it turned out well.”

The Skoda brand was acquired by Volkswagen in 2000 and now has a reputation for reliability and high performance, but for people of a certain age in the UK the name remains a byword for shoddy engineering.

Skodas are popular among central and eastern European countries

But that reputation didn’t stop the Czech duo from choosing a Skoda when they came to design their limo.

Jaroslav claims people take pictures and videos every time he drives the car

Martin added: “We chose the Skoda because it is a domestic brand. I am not a big patriot, but there was something of that in me.

“That’s why we chose this car that in the Czech Republic was owned - or at least driven - by pretty much everyone.”

Skoda which was created in the Czech Republic was released in the late 70s

The 7-metre-long vehicle was built from two individual Skodas - one cut behind the back seats and the other cut in front of the back seats - allowing them to keep the original doors while lengthening the vehicle’s chassis.

The friends kitted the limousine out with a minibar, fridge as well as a mirrored ceiling

The car customisers had a Skoda ‘badge’ handmade for the limo’s bonnet - underneath which sits a 1,300cc, 1.3 litre engine from a Skoda Felicia.

The pair also had a Skoda emblem handmade for the vehicle's bonnet

And while the front of the car has retained its original interior, Martin and Jaroslav have also pimped their ride with a minibar, fridge and a mirrored ceiling with a starry sky effect.

Unsurprisingly the car turns heads when the pair take it out for a drive on the roads.

The limo was built from two individual Skodas cut in half

Jaroslav said: “When we drive the car around, people take photos and videos and wave at us and shout things.

“It is a good feeling - we built our car for the people, we are doing it for them.”