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STUDENT Dhiraj Mishra has created India’s first solar energy car with zero carbon emissions

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'Avenir' participates in the World Solar Challenge in Adelaide

The 23-year-old and his team designed and built the car which has a top speed of 53 mph and weighs just 463lb.

Dhiraj Mishra driving his solar car 'Avenir'

Engineering student Dhiraj named the car ‘Avenir’ which means future in French.

Dhiraj Mishra with his solar car

And the pals hope to one day make the cars a commercial success in India - after creating a five-seater prototype. 

Dhiraj said: “Avenir can create more energy than it needs allowing it to travel impressive long distances even without direct sunlight.

“The idea of inventing a solar car came into my mind when I and my friends were working on a college project.

Dhiraj Mishra poses with his solar car 'Avenir' in front of India Gate

“Now we have made a five seater car that goes at a top speed of 75 mph and has an extended battery life of 75 miles which again has zero carbon emissions.”

Five seater solar car 'Arka Evolution'

Dhiraj and his team built the unconventional one-seater vehicle while studying in college. 

They used aluminum and carbon fiber, multi crystalline solar cells, BLDC hard motors and lithium and phosphorus batteries.

Solar car 'Avenir' seen in front of the Presidential Palace in New Delhi

Dhiraj said: “We had huge interest in designing an eco-friendly car so I and my team mates built this car.

“This solar car is powered by multi crystalline solar cells with 16.665 efficiency, which is capable of generating one kilowatt of solar electricity.”

Dhiraj Mishra driving his solar car 'Avenir'

The handmade, inexpensive solar car attracts attention on the busy streets of New Delhi, India.

Now business-minded Dhiraj and his team are optimistic about the future of solar cars in India.

Dhiraj Mishra poses with his solar car 'Avenir'
Dhiraj Mishra and his teammate assemble the solar panels

Dhiraj said: “I'm focusing on designing more energy efficient cars.

“In future, you will see many solar power and hybrid vehicles on the road because of their unique features.”

Dhiraj Mishra driving his solar car 'Avenir'

The team plans to go fully commercial after all the tests of motors and designs are done.

Dhiraj said: “The solar car would cost around £9600 once it is out in the market for sale.”