By Mark Hodge @Mrhodgey

A POWERFUL supercar goes full throttle UP a steep ski slope in arctic conditions

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Videographer / Director: Fredrik Jönsson, Redhouse Media

Producer: Nick Johnson

Editor: Kyle Waters

Hot pursuit: The production team follow the Nissan GT-R on snow mobiles

Shot in 2013 by Swedish filmmaker Fredrik Jönsson, 39, this incredible footage shows a 700 horsepower Nissan GT-R speeding up a snowy hill - faster than most skiers going the other way.

Full throttle: Robert Larsson puts his foot down while driving in arctic conditions

And with temperatures dipping to a bone-chilling -24 degrees Celsius, the production team had to work fast to stop the camera lenses freezing over.

Hitting the slopes: The powerful supercar drives up a steep ski slope

But despite the difficult conditions in Kåbdalis, Sweden, Fredrik said he wanted to film something he had never seen before.

The Nissan GT-R gets ready to take on the steep slope while the sun breaks through the pale blue sky

He said: “Myself and the driver Robert Larsson wanted to create a fun video about driving in odd situations.

“We came up with the idea of running the car up the steepest ski slope and we checked around on the internet and it didn't seem like it had been done before.

The Nissan GT-R gliding through the pristine snow on a beautiful winter morning

“The biggest issue we had filming in sub zero temperatures was the displays on the cameras constantly freezing.

“Another problem was time constraints, as we only had the ski slope for filming between 7am and 9am. After that it was open to the public so we were against the clock.”

Filmmaker Fredrik Jönsson takes a selfie during the wintery car shoot

And Fredrik insisted that the incredibly fast vehicle, which was fitted with 8mm tyre spikes, only sustained minor damage from the unconventional drive.

He said: “The car is extremely well built and very solid – we gave it a proper beating.

One of the production crew posing for the camera in front of the incredible supercar

“The four-wheel drive broke shortly after filming but thankfully it held up during the shoot.”

Going mobile: Two of the crew ride a snowmobile as they follow the Nissan