By Martha Hewett

MEET the Sherp ATV – an amphibious vehicle that can tear through ice, mud and deep water

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Videographer / director: Dennis Porter
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Ian Phillips

The all-terrain ATV is built to tackle conditions that other off-road vehicles can’t handle.

Despite only having 44.3 horsepower and a maximum speed of 24.5mph on dry land and 3.7mph on water – this ride is not to be underestimated.

The Sherp can travel through extreme and remote areas in the harshest of weather. Powered by a Kubota V150T engine and weighing 3527lbs, the Sherp is equally at home on land or in water.

Evgeny Astakhov, the sales manager for Sherp North America, told Barcroft TV: “Even when you are struggling to cross a terrain, the Sherp will get you where you want to go.

“It feels amazing – especially when you go from the ice to the water.”

The idea for the Sherp originated in Eastern Europe by Alexei Garagashyan – a mechanic based in Saint Petersburg.

The proto-type was created in 2012 and mass-production started three years later.

Evgeny explained: “The vehicle is built in Ukraine and assembled in Canada.

“Since 2017 we have sold over 200 units in North America and we have six dealers in Canada and 15 in the US.”

Costing around $107,000, the Sherp has both a recreational and specialised market for those in need for commercial obligations, such as mining, rescue missions and exploration.

The tyres, which self-inflate with the exhaust allowing you to control the pressure, are ideal for those using the Sherp in extreme conditions.

“My very favourite thing about the Sherp is the tyres – I love the tyres,” Evgeny said.

The exhaust allows you to inflate the tyres evenly, inflating and deflating in a rapid speed of 40 seconds depending which surface you wish to cross.

Evgeny explained: “You would need to inflate the tyres when you are crossing thick ice or deep snow, but if you want to cross water or swamps you would deflate the them and it would go really smooth.”

In each tyre, the Sherp has an additional fuel tank – which is perfect for when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere with no access to a gas station.

One tyre can fill up to 55 litres of fuel, giving the Sherp 285 litres in total, including the main tank.

This impressive fuel capacity means travelling long distance is made easier and enables the vehicle to travel up to 3,000km.

The Sherp seats two in the front and four in the back, but in an emergency can fit up to 10 people.

Although customers initially assume the Sherp would be uncomfortable, Evgeny said they soon realise how smooth and comfortable a ride it is.

“You think that when you go on the rocks it feels like the Sherp won’t go over it, but it actually just feels really good.”

It doesn’t matter that the Sherp doesn’t boast high speed or horsepower – it’s built for the wild conditions of the natural world rather than just the highway.

“It’s a great feeling when you’re crossing the really rough terrain where regular equipment can’t,” Evgeny continued.

“It feels really terrific.”