By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

A WACKY inventor is hoping to make waves in the world of glamping after creating a floating caravan

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Videographer / Director: Andreas Jansen
Producer: Tom Gillespie, Chloe Browne
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Sealander inventor Daniel Straub cruises along in one of his creations

The brainchild of German designer Daniel Straub is designed for those who like living life in the slow lane, with the 380kg vehicle cruising at speeds of up to 5.6mph on water.

Inside the ride: The amphibious caravan is kitted out so owners can picnic on the water
The Sealander is on wheels so it can easily be towed

The 33-year-old start-up entrepreneur had relaxation in mind when he created the Sealander, which can be towed along by a car to an ideal spot for boating.

The Sealander in its element

With its fitted benches and tabletop, the electric-motor powered vehicle allows caravaners to enjoy a picnic on the water.

People carrier: The Sealander is large enough for a family

The seating area can be converted into a bed, and the removable roof allows users to soak up the sun.

The vehicle's sunroof makes it ideal for soaking up the rays

Daniel, from Kiel in Germany, dreamed-up the idea while studying industrial design.

He began building the vehicles in 2010 and sold his first one just a year later.

The amphibious caravan drifts on the water in Kiel in Germany

Since then he has made around 30 of the caravans.

Daniel said: "The Sealander gives you the option to push boundaries. Its flexibility makes it possible for you to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to. A kind of freedom."

The modern vehicle has a simple interior

His creation is handmade out of a single piece of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic, and the basic model costs roughly £12,700.

Additional costs are incurred when customers choose from different packages.

Best of both worlds: A Sealander photographed on land and water

The 'Elektronic' option costs roughly £890 and comes with additional lighting and a charger for the on-board battery. 

Living the dream: Daniel Straub looks out across the water

The more luxurious ‘Living’ package costs roughly £826 and gives the vehicle a more homely feel - with curtains for the front and side windows, along with a complete cushion-set.