By Mark Hodge @Mrhodgey

A FORMER shoe designer has swapped his love of heels for a passion for wheels – and is now restoring classic cars from his garage

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Videographer / Director: Gavin Turnbull
Producer: Mark Hodge, Chloe Browne
Editor: Kyle Waters

Pride and joy: Steven posing with the rare Ashley 750 Special

Businessman Steven Moffat, 42, used to own one of the UK's most exclusive shoe shops, Shhh, where he provided high end footwear to well-heeled clients in Edinburgh and around the globe.

One of the daring designs which Steven stocked in his Edinburgh store

But following the financial crash, the former Scottish Entrepreneur of the Year saw his retail business crumble in 2014, leaving him free to pursue his passion for automobiles.

The engine of the vintage sunbeam which Steven successfully restored

And Steven, who is currently restoring a rare Ashley 750 Special, insists there are similarities between high fashion and car restoration.

A pair of dramatic heels which Steven stocked in his shop Shhh

He said: “A woman walking down the street in great shoes stops me when it's done well – cars are the same.

They don't make them like they used to: Steven sitting on the red Ashley 750 Special

“You've got a lot of technology, you've got a lot of architecture, you've got a lot of engineering – lots of different things coming together to make a very beautiful thing.

Good enough to eat: A pair of sexy heels are cleverly snapped

“I found my love again of engineering and systems and how things are out together – but I had to do them my way, by myself and learn how to do that.

Former shoe designer and retail entrepreneur Steven posing in his garage

“And then suddenly I had quite a tough challenge: I can't weld or paint and I was starting at a very novice level in a man's world.”

Tools of the trade: Steven is almost entirely self-taught in the art of car restoration

Steven's interest in cars was sparked at the Goodwood Revival which celebrates classic motor racing.

Steven uses his double garage, located beneath his Edinburgh flat, to pursue his passion

And now the Dumfries born petrol-head has been invited to drive round Goodwood's famous track in the red Ashley 750 Special.

A stunning green and yellow heel given to Steven by iconic designer Roberto Cavalli

He said: “I went down to the Goodwood Revival, and the sun was setting and I sat at the bottom corner, and these guys were racing Jaguar D-types and it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Ready for work: The MG mounted in Steven's garage

“Watching these things swing out, come down with the sun setting behind them and I was enthralled – to actually see them race – there was just a very raw energy, a raw power and a beauty in the movement and I realised that I have to do this.

“I'd love to drive round that track - to push it round as far as I could – that's really what I want to do, if I can, with the sun setting behind me.”

Starting from scratch: The classic Ashley 750 Special as the start of the process