By John Balson @JJBalson

BREATHING fire and hitting speeds of 367mph, no kid would ever be late taking this JET-POWERED bus to school

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Videographer / Director: Indy Boys

Producer: John Balson

Editor: Jack Stevens / Ian Phillips

The Indy Boys' jet-powered school bus powers down a runway at Waterloo Air-show

The monster machine dubbed 'School Time' is fitted with a 42,000hp fighter-jet engine that can propel it a quarter of a mile in a matter of seconds.

It shoots out 80ft flames as it screams down the runway, burning an incredible 150 gallons of fuel in a single run.

The lighting-fast bus is the creation of petrol-head Paul Stender and his Indy Boys Inc team

The lighting-fast bus is the creation of petrol-head Paul Stender, who custom built the hot rod with the help of his Indy Boys Inc team.

He said: "The entire vehicle was custom-built by myself because there's no way the original bus could have withstood the speeds I take it to.

The bus is fitted with a GE J-79 jet engine from a fighter jet

"A lot of it is hand-crafted and the types of metals used would be more at home on an aircraft."

The bus is fitted with a GE J-79 jet engine from a McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom fighter jet and - due to the size of the engine - only has enough space for three passengers.

The iconic vehicle wows motor fans across North America but there is also a more serious message behind its explosive power.

Due to the size of the engine - the bus only has enough space for three passengers

Mr Stender, who is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, said: "I built the bus for two reasons. The first is to entertain people because, come on, it's a jet bus.

"The second is to inspire kids to keep away from drugs. We do a lot of displays at schools and we are trying to show kid's there's more to life than sitting in front of computers.

The bus breathes fire and reaches speeds of 367mph

"It's important for them to have active hobbies and creative interests to keep busty and keep away from bad influences and drugs.

"That's why we wrote our motto on the side of the bus: 'Jets are hot - drugs are not'.

The lighting-fast bus bombs down the runway accompanied by a plane

"And I guess this is my revenge for all those days riding on the slow journey to school - now it goes at my kind of pace."

The Indy Boys are world-renowned for their extreme jet-powered vehicles, which also includes a crazy jet-powered toilet and a kennel. 

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