By John Balson and Tom Midlane @jjbalson

A REAL-LIFE superhero has turned down six-figure offers for his home-made Batmobile - so he can continue helping sick children

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Videographer / Director: Tony Prescott

Producer: John Balson

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Zac Mihajlovic has turned down six-figure offers for his home-made Batmobile

Batman fanatic Zac Mihajlovic, from Camden, Australia, hand-built his very own street legal version of the car from the 1989 film starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. 

Zac dressed as Batman posing next to the high-speed creation

The 29-year-old turned his comic book fantasies into a high-octane reality by constructing a replica of the iconic vehicle.

And the car has whipped up a reaction wherever it has been seen. 

Zac said: “The first time I took it out was definitely an experience.

“I was on a freeway on the way to the Gold Coast and there was this noise, I thought something wrong with the car, but it was actually the news helicopter from Channel 9 chasing me down the freeway. That was pretty memorable.”

Dark Knight behind the wheel of the two seater

Zac started building his incredible replica four years ago with the help of his very own Lucius Fox - grandfather John Greene, a retired engineer and his friend Scott Cox.

Incredibly, during the two-year build, Zac was even able to get some of the parts from the car used in the original film.

Zac said: “It’s got adjustable suspension, it’s got a working afterburner, which is from the film - no machine gun sadly, no grappling hooks, no bombs that come out of the wheel, but beyond that, it’s pretty close.”

The Batmobile draws the crowds on the streets of Camden

There are thought to be 10 other replicas of the 1989 Batmobile but Zac believes he is the only one that can be legally driven on public roads.

The car also attracts a lot of female attention - but Zac already has his own Batgirl in the form of girlfriend Annabella Leone.

She joked: "We’ve been dating for about four years - and can I just say I was with him two years prior to the Batmobile.

The Batmobile shoots flames from its exhaust

“I have the passenger seat and if any girl out there wants it, I swear to god, she's dead.”

Businessmen from across the world, including a Sheik in Dubai, have offered Zac big bucks for the Batmobile - and he has also seen his share of bizarre requests.

He said: "I’ve had a couple ring me up and say 'I know this is gonna sound weird but we want to "christen" the car', so to speak.

Zac gets behind the driving seat of the Batmobile

"I sort of said 'I’m not interested' and they said 'we’ll pay you what you want – and we’ll bring plastic sheets' and I’m like 'you’ve just made that worse, so no thanks'.”

And rather than cash-in on his dream machine, Zac decided to use his powers for good by teaming up with the Make-A-Wish foundation, who make dream’s come true for terminally-ill children.

Zac spent two years building and testing the vehicle so it could be roadworthy

He said: “It’s a brilliant, brilliant charity because it gives kids, sadly, their dying wish.

“I dress up as Batman and I surprise the kids - sometimes it's knocking on someone's door and surprising them, or sometimes it's taking them out to dinner.

“Some of them run for their lives and it takes a bit of warming up to get them back, but some are just super pumped.”

Attention to detail: Zac was able to source some parts from the orignal 1989 version

Over the last three years Zac has helped more than 40 children meet The Caped Crusader and he has no plans to give up moonlighting as the masked superhero any time soon.

And so while he may not be using his amazing Batmobile to battle the Joker or The Penguin – in the eyes of many he’s still very much a hero.

Zac built the car with the help of his grandfather, John Greene, a retired engineer

***PLEASE NOTE that the children who appear in these pictures are not associated with the Make-A-Wish foundation in anyway***