By Samantha Grillo @_samanthagrillo

A CAR builder has made it possible to play pool on the go - by building full size table on the back of a Chevrolet

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Videographer / Director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: Chloe Browne, Samantha Grillo
Editor: Kyle Waters

Jill Sheen poses on Joe Fiscella's Pool Table Car

The pool table car can travel up to 100 mph is also kitted out with a television, electric dart board, refrigerator and a high end sound system.

The Pool Table Car parked outside Joe Fiscella's home

It was the brainchild of Joe Fiscella, president of Triangle Billiards in California, USA. 

He recruited professional car builder Vini “Big Daddy” Bergeman, to complete the ultimate travel game. 

The car has a fully functioning pool table attached to the chassis

Vini said: “You can play pool anywhere - in the street, in the parking lot, anywhere you can park you can play pool. 

“We just pull up, pull out a cue, take the balls and get the triangle out - boom, we’re playing pool anywhere, any time we want.” 

It took Vini Bergemen 30 days to build the Pool Table Car

Joe wanted to build a prop for his billiards store that would catch his customers’ eye. 

Vini said: “He gave me seven days to build the car but I had to go get a car, strip the car, and build it. 

“It should have taken two weeks, but it took us 30 days - we had to wait for axels, brakes, and sheet metal. 

Joe Fiscella built the car to represent his billiards business

“We took a 2000 Monte Carlo, cut the roof off of it, made a portable roof, cut the car in half and made a pool table slide into the chassis.

(L-R) Vini Bergeman and Joe Fiscella pose in front of the Pool Table Car

“The car handles very well - it’s very comfortable. 

“We don’t make any really sharp turns and we’ve got to pull it forward and backward to kind of get out of some spots. 

Park and play: Joe Fiscella plays pool on the side of the road

“The funniest situation we’ve ever gotten into with this car is we got invited to the pre-party for the Playboy mansion. 

Chick magnet: Jill Sheen poses on the Pool Table Car

“We were there and we had Playboy models playing pool, it was quite festive, then we got invited to the main party the next night. 

“Girls go crazy for this car.”