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THIS is one breakdown truck you might not want to be towed by - as it has a current top speed of 179mph

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Videographer / Director: Wayne Allman, Gwynn Clark,
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

A side-on view of Wayne Allman's breakdown-themed VW dragster 'Mental Breakdown'

The dragster, nicknamed 'Mental Breakdown', features the cab of a 1965 Split Screen VW pickup truck on top of a purpose-built chassis.

The dragster features the cab of a 1965 Split Screen VW pickup truck on top of a purpose-built chassis

Powered by a monster-sized 8.6 litre Keith Black Hemi V8 engine, which runs on methanol, the vehicle is the work of car customising guru Wayne Allman.

Mental Breakdown's (from top to bottom) injector, supercharger and engine - a 8.6 litre Keith Black Hemi which runs on methanol

He said: "I've tried to explain what it's like to drive and I can't - unless you've driven it you'll never really know, but it's violent, it does 0-150 mph in four seconds and 0-179 in seven seconds.

"It pulls about 2.5Gs off the line and the same negative Gs when the parachutes open. It vibrates really hard and shakes your eyes - it's terrible to drive slowly but drives great at speed."

Smoke streams from 'Mental Breakdown' as it makes an explosive start at Santa Pod race track in Wellingborough

Wayne runs the Intergalactic Custom Shop in Stratford-upon-Avon, building drag racers, hot rods and crazy customisations.

Wayne Allman sits in front of 'Mental Breakdown' at The Trip Out festival in September 2014
Wayne Allman, dressed in purple, proudly leans against his creation Mental Breakdown

And despite spending more than a decade constructing Mental Breakdown in his workshop in his spare time, he says he has no idea how much money he has poured into the project.

The VW pickup truck was in battered condition when Wayne acquired it

"I didn't keep tabs on how much it cost me and I don't really care, but it would probably cost £150,000 to replicate it," he said.

"I don't know what it's worth but that isn't why I built it, I made it purely because i wanted to and I knew it would be a challenge both to build and then to fine-tune and drive.

The shell of Mental Breakdown prior to its high-finish paint job and customisation

"No one has ever shown any interest in buying it, I doubt anyone else is daft enough to want one! But It's definitely not for sale."

A rear view of the VW dragster showing off its giant back wheels, which measure 16" wide and 16" in diameter

The supercharged dragster generates up to 2,000 horsepower, with rear wheels that measure 16" wide and 16" diameter, and Wayne has a trusty crew of four or five people to assist him whenever it hits the track.

An interior view of the cockpit, which features a striking sunflower motif

The vehicle's unusual name was suggested by a friend of Wayne's after he showed him sketches for the design of the dragster - revealing it would have a breakdown truck theme, with a flashing light and a hook on the back.

No expense spared: Wayne estimates that the truck would cost around £150,000 to replicate
A rear view of Wayne Allman's VW pickup dragster 'Mental Breakdown'

And despite several years of driving Mental Breakdown on some of Europe's most prestigious drag circuits, Wayne shows no signs of getting bored with his creation.

Wayne says he is 'all business' when the truck is running on the racetrack

He added: "There's been no real scary moments apart from the first time I ran it, I had to pull both parachutes together which lifted the back wheels 18 inches off the floor at 170mph - but it was great fun.

Wayne is the owner of the Intergalactic Custom Shop, where he builds drag racers, hot rods and crazy customised cars

"The sound is monstrous, it makes people smile, and it has taken us to places I wouldn't have gone to otherwise like Essen in Germany and Helsinki in Finland.

A side-on view of Wayne Allman's breakdown-themed VW dragster 'Mental Breakdown'

"People love it - kids and adults love having their pictures taken next to it and I've been told the crowd goes wild when it comes round to run.

"I can't see them or hear anything except the engine when i'm driving it though - it's all business when it's running."