By Samantha Grillo @_samanthagrillo

TWO BROTHERS are building and driving custom cars straight out of the MOVIES

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Videographer / Director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: Nick Johnson, Samantha Grillo
Editor: Kyle Waters

The dark ride: Marc and Shanon Parker have a street-legal Batman Tumbler in their garage

Marc and Shanon Parker have a street-legal Batman Tumbler, Optimus Prime and Ecto-1 parked inside their shop in Port Canaveral, Florida. 

Prime pickings: The team have an Optimus Prime truck from Transformers

The duo started their business four years ago, and already have an incredible fleet of cars straight out of movies like Batman, Transformers and Ghostbusters.

Green gauge: A quirky looking motorcycle parked up inside the garage

Marc said: “We didn’t have the money to pay people to customise vehicles for us, and what we needed didn’t exist, so we had to learn to build our parts. 

Ghost Rider: Marc and Shanon Parker have a replica car from the film Ghostbusters

“Every part of the Tumbler was made from scratch in our shop - the frame, chassis, wheels, glass, everything. 

“I don’t know what it cost to build, I’d probably cry if I looked into it, but as far as value, it’s one of the most expensive vehicles we own.

Film fanatics: Marc and Shanon Parker have a collection of cars that have featured in Hollywood blockbusters

“When someone says it can’t be built, we gotta build it - we push ourselves and show people that you don’t have to be limited to what’s out on the market.” 

The brothers build these cars for their own enjoyment - but also have a list of celebrity clientele.  

Mark Parker on a motorbike at the workshop in Port Canaveral, Florida

Marc said: “We work hard enough to support our bad habits of cars and motorcycles - and we mostly deal with a lot of celebrities and royalty since they have disposable income.

“We’ve had clients like 50 Cent, Flo Rida, Lil Wayne and John Cena - and have done work for Universal Pictures. 

Mean machine: Mark and Shanon Parker with a custom Hummer in their car park

“The movie cars are used in promotions or premiers - clients want something that can drive around rather than sit there like any other prop.

“Some of these cars can cost upwards of close to a million dollars depending on what it is.” 

Side-on view: Mark and Shanon Parker inside their custom Hummer

Shanon, 44, is the designer at Parker Brothers Concepts, and Marc, 45, takes his brother’s drawings and brings them to life in shop. 

Marc said: “Shanon thinks if he can draw it, I can build it - but it’s more difficult than that. 

“He knows very little about mechanics, so he’s not limited like a lot of designers who have engineering degrees - there’s nothing holding him back when it comes to design. 

“In the beginning we fought because we come from different realms, but now it’s a back and forth process.”

The dark ride: Marc and Shanon Parker have a street-legal Batman Tumbler in their garage

And their creations always cause a commotion when they take them out for a spin. 

Shanon said: “We get a lot of reactions in the street - a lot of times people will come up next to us and box us in, wanting to take pictures. 

“We test drove one of our motorcycles on the road and the police were called because we were causing a traffic jam.

Movie madness: Mark and Shanon Parker's custom have several custom cars from films

“If you’re doing something that’s causing that kind of reaction you know you’re doing something right.” 

“We always want to get that wow factor - and when it’s finished it’s like seeing a kid being born.”

Marc said: “The big thing we try to get across is the fact that you should never limit yourself in what you want to build - we want to show people that you can do things that have never done before.”