By Dan Howlett @DanHowlett85

THIS is the world’s fastest hearse – capable of getting you to your funeral at a staggering 137 miles per hour

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Videographer / Director: Brian Young
Producer: Nick Johnson, Samantha Grillo
Editor: Kyle Waters

Burning rubber: The world's fastest hearse hits the track

Madness the turbo hearse goes from 0 – 60 in 2.26 seconds and set a world record in 2013 for its 9.94 second quarter mile run at 137mph in 2012.

Time spent: Arne Tomen and his team spent around three years renovating the vehicle

Arne Toman, from Chicago Illinois, created the custom hearse after he purchased a 1996 Chevy Caprice and made it into a tribute to his favourite heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

Terrifyingly fast: The hearse is named Madness after an Iron Maiden song
Standing proud: Arne Toman with his modified hearse - Madness

Arne, 39 said: “I usually incorporate some sort of Iron Maiden livery into all my project cars - for this car I named it Madness after my favorite song ‘Can I Play With Madness.’

“My team started the project in 2009, it was pretty much built in our spare time - it took about three years to complete.

“There is no other hearse in the world built to this level of performance, but my car remains a full weight and fully functioning hearse.”

Leg room: Despite its modifications the hearse is still equipped to carry a coffin

He was inspired to make the car after seeing a previous world record for a hearse travelling over a quarter mile was 13.72 seconds.

Burning rubber: The world's fastest hearse hits the track

The Vice President of AMS performance cars, added: “We’ve broken and currently hold many records for different platforms we work on, but if you’re not into that type of car it doesn’t really mean much.

Speed demon: Madness has a top speed of 137mph

“I was looking to hold a record that anyone could relate to - something you could tell your mom about and she would understand – that’s why we took on the 9.94 second quarter mile run.

Future plans: The team are hoping to beat their world record with a new engine which makes 1300 horsepower

“Most people are spooked by my hearse but when they see it at the track, they’re amazed that a heavy car can be so fast.

“For 2015, we’ve got a new forged engine and a bigger turbo, the car’s making 1300 horsepower so I plan to make this record even harder to beat.”

Zero to six feet under: The hearse can hit 60mph in just 2.26 seconds

Along with a Chevy six litre V8 engine and new cams and valve springs the hearse also features its original stereo and equipment to carry a casket in the back.

Horse power: The hearse features a Chevy six litre V8 engine

Arne added: “I wanted to avoid the standard old Cadillac Hearse. I wanted something that looked sportier, so we targeted the late model Chevy Caprice and Buick Roadmaster as possibilities.

Grim racer: The hearse holds the world record for travelling a quarter mile in just 9.94 seconds

“It had to be black with a red interior because to me that is how a classic hearse should look.

“It actually took over a year for us to find the one we wanted.”