By Mark Hodge @mrhodgey

A TURBOCHARGED off-road vehicle performs a death-defying leap THROUGH the second storey of a derelict building

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Videographer / Director: Mad Media
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

RJ launches the vehicle 90 feet over an abandoned train

Filmed in October by filmmaker siblings, Matt Martelli, 43, and Joshua Martelli, 41, the thrilling footage shows champion Californian racer RJ Anderson, 20, pushing a utility task vehicle (UTV) to the limit.

One giant leap: The daredevil makes an incredible jump over a truck

Shot in Youngstown, Ohio, in the heart of America's 'rust belt', driver RJ performed numerous huge jumps - including a 90 foot leap over a disused train.

Half pipe dreams: The driver and the vehicle show amazing dexterity to manoeuvre around the building site

The video features the custom built XP1K3 RZR XP Turbo which has an incredible 200 horsepower and is ultra durable.

The pertolhead was also able to launch the vehicle 100 feet through the second story of a collapsed building.

The turbo charged UTV bursts through a boarded up window with RJ at the wheel

Director Joshua admitted that the production was the most formidable he has ever been involved in.

He said: “The shoot was incredibly dangerous - every stunt had to be very carefully choreographed and in many cases we only had one take due to the severity of the stunts.

The champion driver posing in front of the RZR XP Turbo

“Our entire camera crew had to be very vigilant about the locations and really focus on the task at hand - we had a dedicated emergency crew on each day in case of an accident with RJ.

The car causes sparks to fly as it screeches down a set of old railway tracks

“In many cases he executed his stunts perfectly on the first try with no practice.”

The UTV flies through the second storey of a disused building

Adrenaline junkie RJ drives for team Stronghold Motorsports and has won two championships, the Unlimited UTV in 2011 and the Pro Lite Unlimited in 2012.

Up close and personal: A close-up of the vehicle's engine

And Joshua confirmed that the professional driver needed all his skills and experience to complete the stunts in the video.

The powerful off-road vehicle has 200 horsepower

He said: “The train gap jump was over 90 feet and his landing area less than 60 feet long.

“That type of precision jumping requires hitting an exact mile per hour or risk crashing.

Up in smoke: RJ spins the car creating a cloud of dirt

“The second finale jump was over 100 feet and through the second story of a collapsed building - it was incredibly dangerous as debris was falling off the building while we filmed.”