By Shannon Lane

SAY hello to the epic Mustang that has a $1 million price tag

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Videographer / director: Brandon Hickman

Producer: Frazer Randalls

Editor: Ian Phillips

If you’re planning to make a big impression at one of the largest car shows on the planet, you’re going to need an impressive machine. Shawn Davis, owner of Autotopia, an exclusive high end car storage and concierge facility in California, spent 10,000 hours with his team to create the 'Vicious Mustang'. Shawn said: "Everything about this car is aggressive, vicious, exceptional. It's like a completely different world - it's like an epic event every time you take this car out. It started with not a great ’65 Mustang, it needed a ton of work - metal work - it needed everything. And that was the idea, was to start with a low-dollar donor car.” This quest for perfection led to a final price tag of $1 million. And you can forget material comforts, this vehicle is a no-expense-spared performance-focused beast. Shawn continued: “This car has no air-conditioning in it, it has no heating in it, it has no stereo in it. We haven’t tested 0-60 speed, but we’re guessing it should be in the high 2’s - 2.8, 2.9 somewhere around there. It’s detuned 30% for what the max would be on this car. It’s making 1,003 horsepower at the rear wheels. If we completely uncorked the detune we could probably get somewhere in the neighbourhood of about 1,250 at the rear wheel. Top speed we don’t know yet because we haven’t actually had enough open road for it. It should be able to do somewhere around 230MPH. It really is a radically extreme race car. That was the intent, and that was what was accomplished with this."