By Hannah Stevens @Hannahshewans

THIS movie buff has transformed an old golf cart into Mater the tow truck from Pixar’s Cars

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Videographer / director: John-Paul Steele
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote
Editor: Dan Cousins

To create the goofy character Jerry stripped an old golf cart down to the frame

Jerry Patrick, 51, founded AKA Junk over a decade ago when he couldn't afford to pay someone else to paint his cars and do bodywork anymore - now the team are experts in replica TV and movie cars.

The AKA Junk team spent a day and a half wiring a garb of LED lights onto Mater

After a Cars’ themed dream, Patrick decided that bringing Mater to life in the real world had to be his next project.

Every golf cart built by the AKA Junk custom experts is sold for $7900 and up

He said: “Mater was kind of inspired by a dream, we woke up and decided we were going to make Mater the golf cart.

To create Mater’s custom paint job the team used a total of 16 different colours

“I have a sculptor on our payroll, he sculpted the front ends and we had to come in and do a gob of bodywork.

The sides of Mater are made up of marine grade lumber and coated in fibre glass resin

“We pulled a mould out of that and then we pulled fibreglass out of that, so the whole front end is fibreglass.

AKA Junk was first set up by Jerry Patrick over a decade ago

“We tried to get him as screen accurate as possible, obviously you’re going from a cartoon to a golf cart so you can only do so much. So we had to take quite a few creative liberties to make it work.”

The team are now experts in creating movie and TV accurate car replicas

Mater is lit up by thirteen LED lights, has a perforated front windshield, to allow drivers to see clearly through his cartoonish eyes, and a 16 colour custom paint job.

Bat cars and a Mach 5 are amongst the team’s impressive resume of car creations

He is not the only Mater around though, as the AKA Junk team have perfected the art of crafting Mater’s goofy grin and Jerry now sells each cart at $7900 and up.

Patrick said: “The most challenging part of Mater was doing the first one. Now we have the process down a little better.

Mater's grin was sculpted by the AKA Junk team to capture his lovable goofiness

“The first one was a bit of trial and error to get it as cartoon accurate as we could, at least our version of it.

“I have to say that the first one was the most difficult, getting all the kinks out of it.”

Over the years, the film buff has perfected his craft and now counts Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine and several Bat cars amongst his successful builds.

The cart's eyes were made using perforated glass so the driver can see clearly past the happy face

However, Jerry’s carefully built creations come at a price and sometimes the specific figure is better kept secret.

Patrick said: “I get asked from time to time how much certain cars cost to build, with my wife sitting in the other room I’d hate to say the true figure.

“Let’s just say that I’ve got a stack of paperwork this big with most bills and I don’t run with a total on any of it for fear of what my wife might actually say to me.”