By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

YOU would be forgiven for thinking this is an unreleased scene from iconic sci-fi film Tron

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Videographer / director: Stunt Freaks Team
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Nick Johnson
Editor: Jack Stevens

The Stunt Freaks Team specialise in performing extreme motorsport videos

Finnish YouTube stars Stunt Freaks Team have made the Tron races a reality with their latest stunt in which they strapped on LED nights to a motorbike and crosskart buggy while racing in complete darkness on ice and snow.

Joonas Salin, 22, raced on the modified motorbike

The slick looking video was shot in Imatra, Finland, in sub zero conditions and sees Joonas Salin, 22, who was riding the motorbike, and Antti Leppänen, 26, battle to the finish line.

The Stunt Freaks Team have more than 22 million views on YouTube and regularly perform death-defying feats such as driving a snowmobile off the edge of a mountain in Sweden after attaching a parachute to the handle bars.

The guys were racing each other in pitch black with only the LED lights to guide them

Antti said: “For years our dream was to film motorsport in the dark using lights.

"Last year after the flying snowmobile video we decided that we needed to try to do a video using colour lights.

Antti Leppänen, 26, raced in a Barracuda crosskart

"The project was the hardest we have ever had.”

The crosskart featured is a Barracuda dune buggy - a vehicle more accustomed to the sand dunes of the Sahara.

At just 450kg the vehicle has 150 hp and is fitted with a Yamaha R1 engine.

The team made spiked wheels for the motorbike so it could grip to the ice easier

Preparing the vehicles for the harsh conditions was not difficult for the team as they often do stunts on ice and snow in their native Finland.

Joonas said: “We ride a lot in ice tracks so it's normal to do that here in Finland. Of course street bikes have to be modified on ice, we had to build spike tyres and lift the suspension.

The Stunt Freaks Team are known for their high octane stunts on YouTube

"We planned, waited for the right kind of weather and tested the lights almost six months before shooting.”

While the close group of friends specialise in extreme motorsport videos, they are all too aware of the difficulty of their latest stunt, which saw them push their driving skills to the limit.

The team prepared for six months before shooting the stunt

Antti said: “Riding fast side by side in pitch black without head lights while filming and operating when it is -20 and pitch dark isn't the easiest conditions.”