By Martha Hewett @Martha_Hewett

DESCRIBED as the ‘craziest’ car on the planet, a self-proclaimed ‘mad metal scientist’ has built a medieval machine entirely from scratch

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Videographer / director: Michael Valverde

Producer: Frazer Randalls

Editor: Ian Phillips

AJ Bohata from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, built himself the ‘Medieval One’ after feeling inspired by a car and weapon collector. AJ told Barcroft Studios: “It’s made to look like it's old and made to look like it's evil." Made from a rack of steel, AJ spent $80,000 in materials to ensure it looked the part. “It’s not painted, we don’t want to hide the detail in the car.” What started out as a thousand-gallon propane tank is now a 1000hp hot rod car, complete with an onboard fire extinguisher, tilted steering wheel and a cannon that doubles up as a trunk. The car even has two hand carved snakes at the front to complete the medieval aesthetic. The snakes, totalling 996 scales, took AJ 40 hours per head to finish. Estimated to be worth $200,000, Medieval One is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. “I can be driving the car for five minutes, pull into the store and then people will be following me for ten miles.” Although AJ has to “change the tyres like your changing underwear” due to them being smoked out all the time, he insists this car is a labour of love and says he had a blast building it. When asked what his favourite part about his creation is, AJ said: “Driving it around and making people smile.”