By Dan Howlett @DanHowlett85

A TRUCKING enthusiast is creating his very own micro-machines by shrinking the traditional American big rig down to the size of a pick-up

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Videographer / director: Penny Adams
Producer: Jack McKay, Nick Johnson
Editor: Jack Stevens

Tiny titans: Bob and his all female team make tiny big rigs

Bob Suffern and his all-female team specialise in creating miniature trucks for fans across the world - with complete trucks selling for around $65,000 (£45,000)

Bob, who is based in Nashville, Tennessee, said: “It’s awesome, we really love what we do. You get mobbed by people when you drive these things.

Time well spent: It takes around twelve weeks to create one of the kits

“You can’t even go to the gas station without getting a reaction – there are always people coming up to you asking you questions and finding out where they can get one.

“It takes us around eight to ten weeks to build a truck for the customer.

Girl power: He employs an all female team to carry out the work

“The basic kits for these vehicles start at around $12,950 (£9000) but there are a lot of options and accessories you can purchase for it.

“As far as selling a complete truck – they start around $65,000 (£45,000) depending on the features people order with the build.”

Family affair: His daughter Jessica was the first person on his staff

One lucky customer George Benavides, 51, was delighted when he finally picked up his little big rig.

“I have been trucking for 17 years,” he added.

Popular vehicles: Bob says he gets mobbed whenever he drives the rigs around town

“I originally saw a little big rig while out on the road and looked into getting one of my own.

“Looking at it now feels really great – it’s giving me the chill. I hate to say it but my nipples have actually got hard looking at it.

Costly truck: A finished Lil Big Rig is worth around $65.000

“It’s everything they said it would be and more.”

Bob, originally from Melbourne, Australia, came up with the idea in 1999 and has been selling the kits since 2003.

Bob and his team have been selling the big rig kits since 2003

Perhaps unusually for a truck customistation business, Bob’s workforce is all female.

He added: “I was working on my own and my daughter Jessica came along and asked me if she could work with me.

The basic kits start at $12,950 but can be more expensive if customised

“Over the last eight years I’ve taught her everything I know and she is now an excellent mechanic who is great with fiberglass and bodywork.

“When we were looking for more people she asked some of her friends and two of them came in.

They are only as big as a regular pick up truck

“They’re all doing an excellent job and I actually prefer running a body shop with an all female workforce – they put a lot more into what they do.”

The kits are so popular that Bob and his team make them year round

His daughter Jessica Freeman added: “It certainly is a lot of fun and people are often surprised that we are all females and yet we put these things together from scratch.”