By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

LAMBORGHINI owners across Tokyo came together to take part in a car meet of epic proportions

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Videographer / director: Steve’s POV
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Ruby Coote
Editor: Dan Cousins

Collectively the Lamborghinis are worth nearly 10 million dollars

With a combined value of nearly 10 million dollars the Lambos featured models from different eras in the manufacturer’s history in a wide range of customised styles and colours.

Fans of the Italian supercar can count themselves lucky as the annual event was documented by car enthusiast, and purveyor of Japanese car culture, Steve Feldman.

The high octane action was captured by car enthusiast and YouTuber, Steve Feldman

Going by the moniker Steve POV, the American travels around Japan documenting events and crazes in the car mad nation for his YouTube channel.

Steve (right) was invited to the car run by organiser and Lambo owner Shinichi Morohoshi

Steve said: “The Lambo run started for me about two years ago when I first met up with these guys in Tokyo at a parking area called Tatsumi.

Many of the supercars in attendance, like this Ferrari, featured a wide range of customisations and designs

“It’s a rare sight to get all these cars together like this.”

From rare anniversary models to classics and roadsters, July’s car run featured some of the most impressive and sought after vehicles Lamborghini has to offer.

There were a variety of different models including Aventadors, Murcielagos and Diablos

Steve was given the opportunity to test out car enthusiast - and event organiser - Shinichi Morohoshi’s very own custom Lamborghini Murcielago.

Shinichi Morohoshi's Murcielago was the highlight of the event as it was detailed with real gold

Morohoshi’s orange coloured Murcielago boasts a V12 engine and is capable of reaching a top speed of 205 mph.

Although the car run predominantly featured Lamborghinis there were some Ferraris as well

Detailed with real 24K gold, Morohoshi’s Lambo shows the extent to which many of Tokyo’s motor heads will go to outdo each other.

The epic event happens at least once a year and is a chance for some of Japan's biggest motor heads to unwind

The cars on show were heavily dominated by iconic Lamborghini models however there were a few surprising additions that would make any car fan’s mouth water.

Steve said: "The Lambo run started for me about two years ago when I first met up with these guys in Tokyo at a parking area called Tatsumi"

He said: “Aventadors, Aventador roadsters, Aventador anniversary models, Murcielagos, Diablos, Gallardos and some Ferraris including the 458 Italia and Italia Spiders.”

“They are all very fast but the Aventadors were probably the fastest of all the cars.”