By Joe Roberts @jrobertsjourno

DOMINATING Atlanta’s thriving car-modding scene has come easy for one man and his Joker-themed, speaker-packed bass-mobile

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Videographer / director: Aakash Bakshi
Producer: Joe Roberts, James Thorne
Editor: Sonia Estal

Jay Jones, AKA ‘Joka’, used 62 speakers to transform his 2004 Tahoe into an earth-shaking monster on 30-inch rims, and he’s causing a stir at car shows around the South East US.

Jay, whose moniker stands for ‘Justified Over Known Adversity’ told Barcroft Media: “When I go to shows and people hear me turn the truck on, they get to dancing, they come over with cameras, they enjoy my truck.

“I focus on audio because I like to please the crowd and also I like to get the crowd moving, I like to see the kids dancing around, even the old people, you know?

“That's why I did the speakers all in the back and did the bass in the front. I wanted that party sound so that they can call me Mr. Block Party. That's what a lot of people call me.”

The truck has also been fitted with LEDs and ‘infinity mirrors’ – a set of parallel mirrors that create the effect of an infinitely receding series of reflections – prompting Jay to refer to his creation as the ‘Infinity Tahoe’.

These mirrors line the interior of the Tahoe’s doors and also surround the impressive ‘stunt wall’ of speakers in the boot.

Jay added: “When it gets dark, this truck really comes to life. All the infinity mirrors, they really come to life. It lights up like crazy.

“When I tell you it looks like a disco, you might think it’s actually Christmas – that Santa Claus might come out of the truck.“

Jay’s infinity mirror speaker set-up means he is often the most popular attraction at cars shows, with people lining up to sit in the Infinity Tahoe and experience its ferocious bass.

“When people sit inside, the first thing they do, they grab their ears,” Jay said. “What you need to do is to learn how to control your breathing because the bass will pull your breath and I tell them, ‘Hold on to your hat’.

“Once the bass hits, it blows your hair, it makes towels float, makes bags float, it can knock your glasses off, and they love it.”

The 62-speaker set-up has reached 162 decibels, according to its owner, and when combined with the all-custom interior and custom paint job, has earned Jay 169 trophies just this year.

Because of its incredible audio set-up, the truck’s rear seats have been removed in order to house the numerous amps required – naturally all customised to feature Joker imagery.

Elsewhere, Jay has added an air intake to the 5.3 V8 engine and a computer chip to boost the truck’s speed.

He said: “It ain't no race car or nothing, and it might look like a turtle, but if you pull up beside it, I think I can get you.”

Inside, Jay has outfitted the interior with a computer, custom centre console, and has numerous custom controllers for the bass – including a Joker figurine whose head can be used to turn the bass up or down.

The extensive customisation cost $60,000, but Jay isn’t averse to selling his creation – for the right price.

“The right money, I let it go,” he said. “Even though I put a lot of hard work into it, I’d like to I sell it and do something bigger.

“I don't know how much the right money is. What I want you to do is bring a bag and just dump the money on the hood and then we can go from there.”

And while the car is designed to be the life of the party, there’s a serious reason behind its inception.

Jay explained: “I have had a passion for cars all my life because my dad did car shows when I was little.

“I have seen him do so much stuff with motors, paint, interior. We went to all types of car shows and that really made me want to be in the car scene as I got older

“My dad passed away three and a half years ago, five months after I got my truck, so this really helps me deal with the death.

“When I go to the shows and I win, when I leave, after I get my trophies, I ride in the truck by myself and play my music, and I shed a tear because I feel like my dad is watching me.”