By Chloe Sweet

A MODIFIED 1970s Corvette has been described as 'one of history’s greatest streetcars'

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Videographer / director: Richard Gonzales
Producer: Frazer Randalls
Editor: Ian Philipps


Custom-built by legendary modifier, Andy Granatelli, the Chevvy is worth over $800,000 and is capable of speeds over 180mph. It currently lives at the Rock ’n Roll Car Museum in Austin, Texas and is a stand-out piece in their collection. Boasting 880HP, it can push from 0-60mph in less than three seconds and has a gas turbine engine. Andy Schmidt said: “To drive this car, it’s not easy. You have to put a little work into it. There’s actually a fifth break that’s installed in order to help slow this car down. It can be a handful but when you get on the throttle, it’s all worthwhile. When you do hit the accelerator pedal, you better be holding on because this thing is going to take off."