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CAR enthusiast Jerry Bowers wants to keep kids in school - with a customised hot rod SCHOOL BUS

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Jerry brings the bus to charity events and schools across the US

His unusual creation, called The Shortcut High Bus, combines the body of a 1949 Ford school bus which he customised to fit a Cadillac Eldorado frame. 

Builder Jerry Bowers poses in front of his low-riding school bus with his wife Brenda

It took Jerry, from Virginia, USA five years to create the custom low-rider and now he uses it to promote education for children. 

It took Jerry five years to complete the custom 1949 Ford build

Jerry, 72, said: “We were sitting around one night at a car show and were talking about chopping a school bus.

“Nobody had really chopped or lowered a bus and I thought it would be really cool."

Jerry built the custom bus to promote education and to encourage children to become entrepreneurs

It took Jerry five years to build the Shortcut High Bus and he’s been driving it across the US and Canada for the past 15 years.

The bus runs on a 6.6 liter 403 Oldsmobile engine and was cut down to size. 

The bus travels across the US and Canada to car shows, schools, and charity events

He said: “It was about seven feet longer than it actually is and about 3 and a half feet taller than it is now.

Jerry has partnered with charities to collect school supplies for the less fortunate

“We cut and shorted it - and when it was done we wanted to make sure it looked like everything fit together.

“We added the blower just for looks - it wasn’t on there for the first two years but we kicked it up a notch when we changed the name of the bus. 

The bus has a custom built driver door unlike regular school buses

“One of the main features is that regular school buses don’t have a driver’s door - so we made a door from scratch.” 

Jerry is seeking sponsors who will help spread his message

Along with wife Brenda, Jerry drives the bus to charity events, car shows and schools and always has a positive message attached. 

The bus was build on a 1949 Ford truck

He said: “We’ve been with several charities helping kids and collecting school supplies for kids in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We’re trying to promote youth staying in school and becoming entrepreneurs.”

The Shortcut High Bus sits three feet lower than the average school bus

And as well as hoping to inspire the next generation of American entrepreneurs, Jerry says the bus gets a reaction whenever out in public.  

Shortcut High Bus sits more than three feet lower than a regular school bus

He said: “Once you see it you never forget it.

“We get a lot of cars beeping at us, a lot of cameras - we’ve caused quite a few traffic jams.

Jerry added a blower to the front of the bus two years after it was built

"This bus will be going long after I’m gone - I’m hoping to get some major sponsorships so it can be doing a whole lot more."

POSITIVE MESSAGE: Jerry hope the bus will encourage kids to stay in school

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