By Danny Baggott @dan_baggie

AN ITALIAN coachbuilder has designed and built two supercars from scratch without the use of a computer or sketches

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Videographer / director: Paolo Patruno
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Matthew Hoare

Moreno Filandi has built two supercars from scratch

Moreno Filandi relies solely on his skills as a mechanic to build handmade custom cars from metal work with two incredible supercars already finished.

Moreno’s second and most recent creation, the Moreno Ever S, was built on top of a red 1990 Mercedes.

The Moreno Ever S is Moreno’s second and most recent creation

The mechanic said: “People ask me about the brand, what is this car, so I start explaining that is handmade, built by just one person.

“Behind the Ever S, I had the inspiration for something unusual, a bit crude, looking incomplete.

Moreno did not make use of a computer or sketches to create his supercars

“I had the idea for the edges that intersect with each other, these shapes and triangles that intersect, for something looking unusual and strange.”

The Ever S weighs 1420kg and the engine is a Mercedes 5000rpm that has a horsepower of 340.

The Moreno Ever S can reach a top speed of 170mph

It can reach a top speed of 170mph and takes just 4.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60mph.

The 55 year old said: “People’s reaction when they see Ever S arouses curiosity, they stop to have a look, they have a positive reaction.”

Moreno wanted to build something original and unusual

Moreno’s first successful project was the Filandi Uragano, which has a distinctive yellow paint job and cost him a mere €12,000 - £9,974 - to make.

He said: “The Filandi Uragano weighs 1150kg, with a derived Audi turbo engine of 605 horsepower.

Moreno’s first supercar cost him a mere €12,000 euros

“Uragano has a top speed of 200mph and the time it takes to accelerate from 0 to 60mph is 3 seconds.”

Moreno is often asked if he can build cars for other people but this does not interest him as he treats it as a hobby rather than a profession.

The Uragano can reach a speed of 200mph making it Moreno’s fastest supercar

He said: “Since building supercars is just my hobby, I do it just for me.

"I’m a coachbuilder by trade, and I build supercars just for passion, it’s my hobby, my freedom.”

Moreno now plans to create his third supercar

Moreno now has plans to construct a third supercar made out of brushed and polished aluminum, finished off and put together using small studs.

He said: “The car will be very unusual and futuristic.”