By Mark Hodge @Mrhodgey

A MAN takes a nap on a sofa as he is pulled along by a race car on a frozen lake

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Videographer / Director: Keven St-Pierre

Producer: Nick Johnson

Editor: Kyle Waters

Battered and bruised: A racing car goes for a fun drive across a frozen lake

The highly modified Lexus IS300 skidded across the icy surface in Saint-Ferdinand, Canada.

An elite drift driver races across a frozen lake

Videographer Keven St-Pierre, 27, joined the ‘Wide Open Drift Team’ for one final session at the end of the 2013 season as the team decided to take it for one last spin.

Catch the drift: The modified car skids across the lake's icy surface

He said: “Every winter the team take the car apart to get it ready for the new season.

A speedy sidecar skids across the icy lake

“I had the idea to do some sort of video on ice, so we took advantage of the fact that the car was in bad shape.”

A sidecar joins in the frosty fun

He said: “We used stuff from the garage for obstacles and drilled hundreds of holes in each tyre and inserted winter screws that some ice racers use.

Homemade ice spikes which have been drilled into the Lexus IS300

“Our only fear was that we would annoy the locals with our 500 horsepower motor.”

Chilling out: A man relaxing on a sofa is dragged across the lake's icy surface

But Keven admitted that the vehicle sustained slightly more damage than expected.

Two members of the Wide Open Drift Team sit on the frozen lake as the race car speeds past

He said: “We filmed it in three hours and we had three flat tyres with almost no spikes left.

The drift car sprays up snow as it accelerates in the frosty conditions

“It all turned out great, except that shortly after there was rust everywhere under and inside the car due to the snow.”

A sidecar, which is owned by one of the team, in action on the icy lake