By Mark Hodge @mrhodgey

A HIGH speed supertank races across a frozen lake in a magnificent display of strength and manoeuvrability

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Videographer / Director: Howe and Howe Technologies
Producer: Mark Hodge, Chloe Browne
Editor: Kyle Waters

The Ripsaw is filmed by a drone as it races across the icy lake

The 8000lb Ripsaw was developed by Howe and Howe Technologies, a US company which specialises in pushing the limits of off-road technology

Lights, camera, action: The Ripaw is a powerful vehicle which has 650bhp

Owned by twin brothers Mike and Geoff Howe, 40, the company creates powerful vehicles for the military, private sector, emergency services and Hollywood studios.

The Ripsaw cuts through the dense snow like a hot knife through butter

The Ripsaw, which has a huge 650bhp, is a dual tracked vehicle which was originally developed as an anti-IED platform for the military but is now hired out for recreational purposes.

Tanked up: The supertank is a high-speed dual track vehicle

Mike said: “We started developing the Ripsaw in the 1990s, as we had been developing off-road technology and wanted to take it to the next level.

Ready for war: The Ripsaw shot face on with its winged doors open,

“We decided to build a high speed track vehicle, like a really fast track vehicle that's not slow like a regular tank – we knew that that had never been done before.”

The Ripsaw makes mincemeat of the wintery terrain

The patriotic brothers, who were born in Maine, USA, have continued to develop their innovations, helping the police and the armed forces.

Beautiful yet deadly: A model poses in front of the powerful off-road vehicle

One of their most successful creations is the Swat Bot, which doubles as a robotic shield and a battering ram.

Target practice: The Swat Bot soaks up a shower of bullets

Geoff said: “The Swat Bot developed out of our existing technology for the US military.

“In some of our military contracting we have been tasked with finding a robot, a walk behind IED defeat robot.

Protect and serve: The Swat Bot's shield is swiftly put into action

“The original robot walks in front of the soldiers and digs the land up in front of them, ensuring the soldier doesn't get blown up.

“Our police officers put their lives on the line everyday and we wanted to give them that protection, so instead of carrying a shield and being laden down with weight, the swat bot does all that - it's a fully operational shield as well as a door buster.