By Mark Hodge @Mrhodgey

A TEAM of elite racing drivers screech round bends SIDEWAYS at extraordinary speeds

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Videographer / Director: Zero Media
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

Two racing cars create clouds of smoke as the screech round the track

The practice, known as “drifting”, sees skilled skilled drivers approach corners at speeds of up to 140mph before oversteering, skidding round the bends in a cloud of smoke.

Red hot: A mechanic works on a Driftmonkey racing car

Videographer Luke Wilson, 26, followed ‘Team Driftmonkey’ during the 2013 season, as they trained and toured in Japan and competed in Norway and Sweden.

White lightning: A highly modified drift car with a distinctive white paint job

The team consists of two permanent drivers and one guest driver, who steer highly modified vehicles which have a massive 800 horsepower.

And the UK filmmaker described the dangers involved in the high octane sport.

Pretty green: A drift car parked at motor racing event Gatebil

He said: “Following the team is a bit like filming in the wild west – I've had my fair scrapes and even had pieces of car hit me.

“Some of the cars which Driftmonkey compete against have an incredible 1200 horsepower which is more powerful than a Bugatti Veyron.

Take a break: A pair of powerful racing cars taking some time out

“I position myself at or near the corners during the races, although it's really down to luck whether you catch a great moment or get hit by debris.”

Luke also covered the team at the Gatebil racing event in Norway – which features over 100 super charged cars.

Ready for war: A pair of race cars - with their own distinctive camouflage paint wrap

He said: “Gatebil draws huge crowds and the action is very raw and anything goes. It's like a paradise for anyone who loves motor sport.

A matte blue drift car parked along side a fellow race vehicle

“One of the races involves passengers and unfortunately one of them lost their leg in 2014.

A sleek looking black racing car parked at the popular Gatebil event

“There was a collision and one of the cars burst into flames - a passenger then exited the vehicle and instead of staying near the barrier, he crossed the road and was hit by a car going at top speed.

Golden brown texture like BRUM BRUM: A modified race car at the Gatebil event

“He had to be airlifted out by helicopter – that's the worst thing that ever happened at Gatebil.”