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A SPORTS car made from cannabis hemp could lead the charge in making carbon neutral vehicles

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Videographer / director: Quincy Perkins
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Jack Stevens

Bruce Dietzen with his build partner Juan Carlos

Made from the chassis of a Mazda convertible, the cannabis car is bringing a new meaning to the phrase ‘green machine’ and could soon be seen on high roads around the world.

The man behind the car, Bruce Michael Dietzen from Florida, hopes his environmentally friendly automobile could help debunk the taboo behind the cannabis plant and its uses.

He said: “Cannabis hemp is still considered a dangerous drug according to the government. It’s considered as dangerous as heroin or cocaine - it’s insane!”

This green machine is made from three plies of woven Hemp making it lighter than cars made from fibre glass.

Bruce was inspired to build the hemp car after finding out about Henry Ford using the material to build a car

The car is also surprisingly strong, Bruce estimates the body is at least 10 times more dent resistant than steel.

He said: “The body of the car uses about 100 lbs of woven hemp.”

Bruce was inspired to build the sports car after hearing about renowned industrialist, Henry Ford, using the durable material in 1941 to build the world’s first Soybean/Hemp car.

The chassis for the hemp car is taken from a Mazda convertible
Bruce used around 100 lbs of hemp to make the body of the hemp car

It was also one of the first uses of bio fuel in a vehicle as the car ran also ran on hemp fuel.

Building the cannabis car, however was no easy feat for Bruce as acquiring the controversial material proved more difficult than he expected.

The car-enthusiast said: “I live in Florida, Hemp is still illegal to grow so I had to import the woven material all the way from China because we still don’t have the facilities that can make hemp fabrics.”

The build cost the former Dell employee $200,000

The car itself cost the former National Sales Manager at Dell $200,000 (£137,903) to build and a further $200,000 in lost earnings.

It runs on a bio fuel made from recycled agricultural waste and is expected to have a much lower carbon footprint than standard electric powered cars when it goes into mass production.

The former executive is currently working on a Docu-Series entitled: ‘Hempsters Cannabis Car Tour' with Producer and business partner, and fellow Cannabis Hemp activist, Diana Oliver of Thunderbird Productions.

The green machine uses a bio fuel and the body is stronger than a steel body

Diana Oliver's first film in the Hempsters Doc/film Series, 'Hempsters Plant the Seed,’ features Hollywood actor and activist Woody Harrelson and musician and cannabis activist Willie Nelson discussing the benefits of the plant, from its medicinal benefits to its everyday uses for things such as clothing.

Bruce said: “Many states are starting to make it legal, it’s a really great sign as we’re getting back to the point where we’re starting to make products out of Industrial hemp just as Henry Ford suggested we should do, we can grow our own Petroleum, Paper and Plastic , all from the Soil'.

Bruce is hoping to put the car into mass production

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