By Jack Flanagan

AN ADVENTUROUS petrolhead competes in a race across America in his customised Ford GT

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Videographer / director: Steve’s POV
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Jack Stevens

King of the Road: Steve at the wheel of his Ford GT

In May 2015, YouTuber Steve Feldman, 45, took part in the annual Goldrush Rally - which features around 100 cars driving from San Diego, California to Miami, Florida. 

Bronx native Steve was competing in the event for the first time in his wide body 2005 Ford GT.

A Lamborghini with an eye-catching tiger stripe wrap at the starting line in San Diego

The car enthusiast, who is a translator and business consultant to Japanese businesses, spoke about the modifications he made to his powerful vehicle.

He said: “The car went through two years of radical modifications by a Japanese company I represent called Belladonna. It was known as the Belladonna Ford GT.

“The engine was about 790 HP, with modifications.”

All that glitters: The event featured around 100 cars racing across the United States

The adrenaline-fuelled event lasts for around seven days and features several stops including Las Vegas, Nevada, Austin, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana, where drivers are known to enjoy a party lifestyle.

Steve's amazing footage showcases some of the beautiful North American landscape in the dry heat of Nevada and Arizona. 

A look inside a highly modified race car which is covered in red leather

However, the motor head's fun was short-lived when his car collided with a rabbit while travelling across the south western region of the country.

He said: “A desert jack rabbit decided to pop out as we were moving along pretty fast. He broke everything we had just fixed from an earlier accident.

A powerful looking vehicle glistens in the Californian sun

“The rabbit was split in half and stuck to my bumper and grill. The front bumper lip was broken and dragging again.”

Feldman grimly notes the rabbit’s disembodied foot “wasn’t good luck” and he retired from the rally.

YouTuber Steve talks to a fellow car enthusiast

“Finding a place to store the car in Sedona, Arizona was a challenge and finding a truck wide enough to fit it inside and haul it home was very challenging,” Steve said. 

Despite his engineering woes, Steve arrived at the finish line in Florida - by plane. 

A modified red sports car which has the words "Hell Bug" on its rear license plate

“Being in Miami was bittersweet,” he added.

“But at the final party I was awarded for my perseverance and the fight to keep going despite breaking down.”

Steve poses for the camera in his Ford GT