By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

A GENIUS mechanic has spent two years building his very own Formula 1 car from scratch

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Videographer / director: Jasmin Brutus
Producer: Danny Baggott, James Thorne
Editor: James Thorne

After attending a car event in Belgrade, supercar fanatic Mišo Kuzmanović decided to make his childhood dreams come true by constructing his own race-car.

Mišo worked long days and nights to complete his passion project, putting in more than 1,000 hours of labour – and spending an estimated £20,000 in the process.

And now, Mišo’s efforts have been rewarded as he can drive the vehicle around his hometown, Prnjavor, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, after making it fully road-legal some time ago.

Mišo said: “I read that Formula 1 was coming to Belgrade doing a promotion.

“We went and the noise – it was exhilarating.

“My Formula car as it is, isn’t identical to the Formula 1 car. It is built from my own vision, from my own aspiration.

“The main construction and design was all done by me. My friends and family helped me as well.”

Mišo built the car with enjoyment, rather than racing, in mind – but the top speed is still around 100mph.

Dubbed in his local town as, ‘Mišo Schumacher’, the experienced engineer admits the weight of the car is a little too much for its engine power.

He said: “It weighs around 1,200 kilograms which is too much for its engine.

“But it holds up and we still drive it.

“The engine has around 100 horsepower and the length of this vehicle is bigger than standard, around six metres long.”

Mišo had to install a second seat when his wife questioned his intentions.

“I had another problem, which my wife helped me resolve,” he said.

“When she asked me how many does it seat, I answered, ‘Me alone’.

“And she said, ‘Where am I going to sit?’ so I had to install the second seat.”

Mišo’s son, Milen Kuzmanović, helped out with the building process and he admits that he now drives the car more than his father.

Milen said: “My father built for long hours and late nights.

“So we would come and help him and bring him food and check if everything was okay.

“It was a pleasure helping him and now we enjoy driving this vehicle together.”

Mišo added: “My son is a golden child and now it is his time to drive it and not me.”

Someone once offered Mišo €60,000 for the Formula car – an offer he immediately turned down.

As for now, Mišo has no intention to sell his most prized possession.

He said: “Everybody wants to touch it, sit on it, lean on it, to take pictures with it.

“I can tell you it is unique and every unique thing is expensive.

“I have many more ideas and I desire to create more things – but those are all little secrets.”