By Mark Hodge @mrhodgey

A SHIMMERING supercar covered in sparkling neon illuminates Tokyo's streets during a night-time cruise

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Videographer / Director: Steve's POV
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

Steve speeds through the Tokyo streets with an apprehensive passenger

This eye-catching video shows American car enthusiast Steve Feldman, 44, driving a highly modified Ferrari 360 Modena through the darkly lit Japanese metropolis.

Green machine: The supercar is covered in LED lights which constantly change colour

The New York native managed to persuade fellow petrol head, Touma, who owns the distinctive automobile, to take the car for a high speed spin after picking up the cheque for a meal with friends.

The automobile glows like a Christmas tree as it burns through the streets

The supercar has numerous enhancements including LED lights, a hologram reflective wrap, an extremely loud modified exhaust and a horn which plays distinctive melodies.

Steve, who currently lives in Los Angeles, is a Japanese market consultant and translator.

Top rear: The spoiler of the glitzy supercar which turns heads in the Japanese metropolis

He said: “One of the best parts of making this video was watching Touma sit in the passenger seat of his own car for the first time - his face, reactions and nervous excitement are classic.

“Inside and out this car has been customised – it has more LED lights than a christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.

Car fanatic Steve looks at the camera as he races the unique automobile

“The interior was all recovered and redone in custom colour, the exterior is wrapped with hologram reflective coating so the lights around it bounce everywhere.

Fast and Furious: The shimmering neon Ferrari speeds past other road users with ease

“This is the easiest of all supercars to drive. It handles brilliantly and it's a great first supercar for someone - I loved it, my smile from beginning to end tells the story.”

The glitzy car speeds past a rather mundane looking vehicle in a Tokyo tunnel

And Steve explained why such flashy and loud customisations are popular in the land of the rising sun.

He said: “It's about standing out and being different.

“Its about putting your signature on your ride - there may be hundreds of 360 Modenas around, but not one quite like this.”