By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

A MAN with no mechanical experience has fulfilled his childhood goal of building his dream car

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Videographer / director: Anna Nel
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Jack Stevens

Moses Ngobeni built his dream sports car from hand

Taking inspiration from when he read car magazines in his youth, Moses Ngobeni, has managed to build his ideal car - all by hand.

The electrical engineer spent 240,000 Rand ($12,742) on the car

The electrical engineer from Giyani, South Africa, spent three years building the car he had dreamt of for decades.

Most of the parts used in the car comes from different car models

Moses said: “When I was still a boy at the age of seven, something came to my mind saying: ‘One day I’m going to build my own sports vehicle.’“

The car reaches a top speed of 155 mph

Building the car cost Moses 240,000 ZAR ($12,742) and was made using parts from a variety of different car models.

Moses was first inspired to build his own car at the tender age of seven

The car was constructed from scratch in a workshop Moses built himself and without the use of any sophisticated equipment. The father-of-two used just an ordinary pole bender to twist pieces of metal into shape to build the frame of the body and the chassis.

The South African hopes he can inspire future generations to follow their dreams

At certain stages during the build of the car, the engineer also used his bare hands to bend metal pieces into shape.

Despite its low-tech build, the car has an array of high-tech gadgets including an onboard computer system and keyless ignition that allows him to turn on the engine with a push of a button on his mobile, which means he can start the car anywhere in the world.

The car can be operated remotely from Moses' mobile phone anywhere in the world

Although he had very little experience building a car, Moses threw himself into the personal project and sourced car parts from a smorgasbord of different models.

The car boasts a two litre engine from a BMW 318is 1998 model and is able to reach a top speed of 155 mph.

Even the windows on the custom-build have been sourced from a range of cars including a Mazda 323 from the mid 80s.

Moses wants the South African government to invest into the car industry in the country

The resourceful electrician wants his work to inspire others in his native South Africa to design and build their own cars and also hopes that the government starts investing in the car industry.

He said: “I’m not doing this for myself, it’s for the country and my people.

“I want the government to be involved, I’m a South African in South Africa and we don’t have a model that was designed and manufactured by South Africans.”