By Mark Hodge @mrhodgey

A GROUP of fearless drivers screech around a track pushing their cars to the limit like a scene from the classic Tom Cruise movie Days of Thunder

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Videographer / Director: KSP Productions
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

Full throttle: Two powerful drift cars speed along the circuit

Shot in Saint-Eustache, Quebec, by videographer Keven St-Pierre, this thrilling footage shows drift event the Maple Leaf Bash where drivers are encouraged to burn rubber and have fun.

Drifting involves drivers approaching corners at speeds up to 140mph and then intentionally oversteering, resulting in the vehicles taking on the turns sideways.

Celebrating the fun side of motor sport: A car sticker promoting the Maple Leaf Bash

Filmmaker Keven followed the Wide Open Drift Team, who brought their three highly modified Nissan 240SXs to take part in the two day festival of carnage.

And fans certainly appreciated the team's choice of theme, which involved painting the cars like the famous Nascar film Days of Thunder.

Enthusiastic spectators enjoy the warm sunshine while they watch the carnage on the track
Eat my dust: A drift race car creates a large cloud of smoke as it screeches round a corner

Kevin said: “Having a background in oval racing and being automotive passionates, the team decided to paint each of their cars just like the old Tom Cruise racing film.

“This ended up being really funny and a lot of people from the crowd recognised the theme.”

Badge of honour: This car evidently got a little too close to the track wall
The drivers at the event are encouraged to have fun and sustain a little damage

He added: “This a grassroots drift event with only one goal - to bring everyone from the drift community together and have a good time.

“This is not a competition, only pure fun with different obstacles on the course and camping on site.

Speed racer: A drift car painted in black races around the track as spectators watch on
Damaged goods : A race car with one of its windows missing

“The cars are known as drift missiles, meaning they are used for practice and enjoyment, when the drivers don't care about the car and even damage them on purpose.

“At the end of the weekend, only one car was still working, but the fun we had was totally worth it.”

A group of red drift cars lined up and ready to go
Two drift cars emerge from another corner displaying their battle scars