By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

TWO of Donald Trump’s biggest super-fans have manufactured a whacky vehicle to honour his time as US President

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Videographer / Director: Barcroft Media
Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
Editor: Marcus Cooper

Decorated in red, white and blue, ‘The Trump Mobile’ is made of two Mercedes Benz wagons and other parts from 43 different cars – and it is covered in pro-Trump signs and memorabilia including a mini-Trump statue perched on the roof.

Finnish couple, Karl and Nina Lindroos, spend most of their time living in Florida and they are responsible for the build that they believe helped Trump gain power in the 2016 US election.

And the married duo are showing no signs of slowing down as they are hoping to use the ‘mobile’ to help the controversial leader retain his power in 2020.

Karl, 70, told Barcroft TV: “The Trump Mobile is a unique vehicle. It’s not a car you can really see every day because there exists only one of them in the whole world.

“The main reason why I think America is coming back is because of Mr Trump.

“If ever anybody puts the President down and talks bad about him, I would say try to get the facts right.

“The Trump Mobile has taken a lot of sweat and a lot of time and a lot of money and energy to get it together. And to be one of the most seen, recognised cars makes us feel good.”

Nina, 51, added: “God bless our President Mr Donald Trump!”

Karl and Nina certainly aren’t shy of showing off their prized possession, regularly driving the mobile around their local town and sharing their love of Trump with signs including ‘make America great again’ and ‘re-elect Trump’ attached to its doors. 

Karl has been based in South Florida for the last 40 years and during that time, he has seen Trump’s popularity grow and has made friends with the likes of Annie-Marie Delgado – a key figure behind Florida supporting Trump in 2016.

“We have tried to attend as many Trump rallies as possible,” Karl said.

“I would say maybe a dozen, but smaller rallies if you count them – plus 20.

“Yes, everybody has their youth and everybody has their boy talks. The man is great in many ways with his faults.

“We should work towards unity and peace in the world.”

The Trump Mobile boasts a 300-turbo-diesel Mercedes engine.

It has 44 different mirrors, 43 different lights and is street-legal in the United States.

Karl said: “We don’t like to drive it too fast. We can go up to 50 or 60mph so we don’t hold up the rest of the traffic.

“Its doors are original Mercedes interior, along with the steering wheel and the seats. As you can see inside, it’s an 83’ Mercedes, regular Sedan.

“We have to have inspections and that sort of thing. But here in America, it is inspected and insured and legal.

“We always have to do maintenance and like an old lady, she sometimes needs a face lift.”

Karl admits that whilst most of the time The Trump Mobile receives a positive reaction, there are some people who disagree with its purpose.   

Local Florida resident, Levi Kahane, said: “The Trump Mobile is really cool, but I got scared as hell when I saw ‘re-elect Trump.’

“I think he is an indecent, vile human being who lies, who has no regard for the truth, who is taking this country down a negative path. I think he is probably the world’s greatest salesman.

“Please America, do not vote for this man again.”

Karl added: “We get lots of attention and most of the time we get respect. Like in life, somebody likes you and somebody doesn’t.”

The Trump Mobile is not open for sale, but this ‘wonder of the world’ and ‘unique billboard’ has been seen by over a billion people and Karl values it at $1 million. He is also hoping to form a partnership with someone to keep its legacy going.

He said: “My age is a factor of course and I would like somebody to take over the legacy at some point.

“It has opened a lot of doors for us. So we feel that we are blessed and we hope that it will serve in the future generation to come and make Trump re-elected in 2020. That is our short-term goal now.

“Trump, Trump, Trump!”