By Stephanie Stijkel

MEET the USS Compensator - the ultimate off-road monster limousine

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Videographer / director: Kevin Forrest

Producer: Stephanie Stijkel

Editor: Ian Philipps


Unofficially the tallest Lincoln Town car in the United States, this beast belongs to builder and operator Jordon Foster of Keno, Oregon. 

The USS Compensator, or as Jordon affectionately describes his creation, “the lifted, impractical monstrosity”, took three months of 12-hour days to build.

“I wanted to see what the biggest most impractical vehicle was I could build, and what's bigger and longer than a limo, nonetheless, a lifted limo.” Jordon said.

This limousine on steroids was a massive build on a mini budget - the Lincoln Town Car originally bought for $1,200.

And using minimal hand tools and doing 99% of the monster conversion himself, the USS Compensator cost Jordan around $10,000, which includes the purchase of the vehicle.

The vehicle is powered by a 4.6 litre engine, has air ride suspension and is sporting some pretty impressive rubber.

Bought from eBay and delivered to his front door, Jordon fitted his creation with military grade spec tires.

“The limo sits on 53-inch-tall by 16-wide tires on 20 by 14 fuel wheels, resulting in a 3.5 to 4ft lift of the vehicle,” Jordon explained.  

The weight of one tire being 380lbs, and the wheel itself coming at 55lb a piece, Jordon has added over 1,600lbs of weight to his limo just in the drivetrain alone.

A limousine being an impractical car on the best of days, the added weight and height hasn’t made the Compensator the easiest of rides.

Jordon said: “So, the turning radius on the limo now is actually just slightly worse than it was stock which isn't much beneficial.” 

But as well as using the car off road, the Compensator is street legal in the state of Oregon and Jordon uses the vehicle in his everyday life.

“The car is not useful, it’s hard to park, hard to drive around town, I have to watch my corners, watch my blind spots at all times.”

Typically, the limo takes in two to four parking spots and drive throughs are not an option, as the conversion maxes out the height bar.

But none of this keeps Jordon from truly enjoying his creation.

He said: “I love the challenge of navigating through town it’s like an off-road course inside city limits.

“The USS Compensator handles like a cruise ship on choppy water.”

Besides that, Jordan gets plenty of attention for impressive creation, if only for the six-foot-long Texas Longhorns mounted to the front.

And although Jordon has had plenty of interest from potential buyers, he doubts the limo will ever be sold off.

“As much as I would like to sell this and build something cooler, I don’t think I could sell the USS Compensator, it’s almost too sentimental now,” Jordon continued.

About the name of his pride and joy Jordan says it’s pretty self-explanatory.

“A buddy came by one day and said “man I don't know what you're compensating for with that lift.”