By Dav Rich

HAVE you ever wondered what happens when you take a traditional Combine Harvester and put an epic spin on this old classic?

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Videographer / director: Bob Callway

Producer: Frazer Randalls

Editor: Ian Phillips

In a remote part of Finland, farmer Harald Bore has done just that. Complete with a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado 8.2 Litre V8 engine, this 1967 Fahr M44 is now more at home on the track, than on the farm. It weighs in at 40,000Ibs, packs 500 horsepower and has a top speed of 95mph - making it the fastest combine harvester in the world. Harald was at an exhibition in Finland when he saw the vehicle and met builder Petri. It took Petri about one and a half years to build the vehicle, which was not difficult to design. Harald told Truly: “This combine dragster is made for fun. I like it because of the way it looks, also a very fast thing to drive." Harald does not race in a professional way, just at home and when he is with Petri. Petri said: “It's the world's fastest and we had fun when we made it. In Finland, it is boring and we have nothing to do and we made this.” When Harald and Petri are not turning vehicles into dragsters, they enjoy racing each other in their ultimate rides. Petri continued: “This is the ultimate ride, it’s fast and funny and dangerous. It’s the only one in the world. There is no dragster combine”. And the future looks bright for the dragster combine harvester, with Harald adding: "I will have this combine harvester in the future on the farm. I love it!”