By Dan Howlett @DanHowlett85

SIMPLE American Jeeps are revered like gods at a yearly Colombian festival

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Videographer / Director: Carlos Angel
Producer: John Balson, Chloe Browne
Editor: Kyle Waters

Wheelie good: The Jeeps bounce around the town of Calarca in Colombia

The all-terrain vehicles were introduced to the mountainous country in the 1940s and soon became indispensable because of their ability to deal with the rough terrain.

Fully loaded: They are filled with possessions, shifting the weight to the back

Now every June at the Yipao Parade - Jeep-mad Colombians fill their vehicles with crazy possessions and wheel spin around the town of Calarcá.

CARry on partying: The festival celebrates the introduction of the Jeep Willys to Colombia in the 1940s

Photographer Carlos Angel, 66, who attended the festival this year for the first time, said: “The reason Colombians are able to supply the best coffee in the world is because of the Willys MB (known commonly as a Jeep).

Better than a mule: The Jeep Willys revolutionised agriculture in the South American country

“The territory in Colombia is extreme and rugged but the Jeep is able to do the work of 20 mules so we were able to work it. 

Cup of java: The vehicle's introduction helped Colombia become famous for its coffee production
Numerous parts: The festival has three distinct sections each celebrating the Jeep

"It revolutionised agriculture in the country when it was introduced in the 1940s. It is only right that we pay homage to this wonderful gasoline vehicle, which can do the work of 20 mules without ever tiring.”

Hard times: The Jeep Willys was originally designed to be used as a military vehicle during World War Two

The festival has been taking place in the city since 1988 and normally features around 70 Willys MB Jeeps.

Practical 4x4: Following the war the makers of the vehicle began to market the vehicle to civilian consumers

“The festival has three distinct parts,” added Carlos.

“Firstly we have the agriculture section where participants load their Jeeps with cassava, corn, bananas, coffee and all manner of products from the land.

Starting off: The beginning of the festival involves people filling their trucks with agricultural goods

“Then they load their Jeeps with an enourmous amount of household objects as if the owners were having to move farms - just like in the old days where they would need to assemble their belongings and do everything in one trip.

Moving house: Jeep lovers then load all of their personal belongings into the Jeep

“That is the most recognisable part of the parade as the weight often makes the Jeeps wheelie around town on their back wheels – it’s a lot of fun.

Finishing off: During the final phase of the festival people decorate their Jeep however they choose

“Then we have the free category where Jeep owners and renters decorate their vehicles with all kinds of ornaments and trinkets that they choose.

“I will certainly be back next year – it was great fun.”