By Frazer Randalls

A CAR CUSTOMISER has built a spectacular Chevrolet low rider boasting over 600 custom parts

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Videographer / director: Elie Khadra

Producer: Frazer Randalls, Ruby Coote​

Editor: Pete Ansell​

Chris Roark, from California, has transformed a 1958 Chevrolet Impala after his previous show-winning car, called The Perfect Score, was destroyed in a crash.

Chris told Barcroft TV: “The Perfect Score was a three time Lowrider Magazine show winner and, on our third title coming home, we were cut off and we got swiped over onto the embankment.”

“The trailer came loose from our toe rig and the car was totalled.

“During that loss, it was very, very tough.”

After the accident the other members of the Tradicionals Car Club encouraged Chris to create another car in honour of The Perfect Score.

From there, The Final Score was born.

The impressive lowrider was customised in every way possible with Chris estimating there is close to 600 custom machine parts in the car.

This included the door handles, which were shaped for pop doors. The interior was made with full leather ostrich skin, with custom logos engraved on the seats.

And everything matches, with the whole engine was engraved to match the outer pinstripe paint.

Even the motor was customised, a LS1 that came out of a mid-80s Corvette.

Chris told Barcroft TV: “When I look at the Final Score, I see engineering, craftsmanship and detail.”

Despite the success of the original lowrider, Chris’s fans weren’t immediately approving of his new build.

Chris explained: “A lot of people didn't take to it when it first came out.”

“They were like, ‘What is this?, this isn't doesn't look good, what are the colours that are mixing?’

“But a couple years went by and now you start to see a lot of people starting to entertain all these different colours.”

The lowrider has now built up a legion of fans, but will Chris continue building these cars?

He said: “It’s tough as you get older, you slow down.

“I have my son and my nephew that are young guns and they've been keeping the fire under me to keep me going.”

Chris’s son, Chris Jr is now leading the next generation of car customizers, with his passion for creating unique driving experiences giving the club new inspiring ideas.

Chris Jr told Barcroft TV: “My favourite part of the low rider is when you could get in and drive, put the top down, just have fun.”

“And they're different, they're unique, not everyone likes low riders, but everyone has their own different tastes.”

“I just like to be behind the wheel and feel the creation of building something that’s unique like this.”