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GRANDMOTHER Cheri Parker has never played Grand Theft Auto - she prefers to tear up her neighbourhood in the game's most iconic car for real

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Videographer / Director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

Need for speed: Cheri won the incredible machine when her son used her credit card to purchase the game

Unassuming Cheri won a super car modelled on the GTA's Bravado Banshee when her young son bought the game with her credit card in 2012.

Cheri, 56 was automatically entered into a competition to win the high performance supercar and was stunned when the $180,000 (£115,000) beast was dropped at her home.

Not practical: The car does not have room for the grandmother's groceries as the trunk is filled with a sound system

Cheri said: “It was very out of the blue I did not believe it for a minute – I thought it was a scam.

“It's a very fast car - I have never had my foot on the floor.

Rockstar: The game was commissioned by the game's designers and made by West Coast Customs

“It will go so fast so quickly that I've been told you need to keep it in a straight line to keep it on the road - It feels like you're flying.

“But it’s fun to drive, everywhere you go it turns heads – people want to look at it and talk to you.”

Mean machine: The car is actually a customised Dodge Viper SRT-10

Despite the cars incredible performance the unassuming grandmother prefers a more modest means of getting around her home town of Havelock in North Carolina.

“It is not a practical car,” she added.

“I actually have a mini SUV that I prefer driving because this car has no space.

"You can probably get two people and maybe a purse in it - the entire trunk is filled with stereo equipment.

Playstation: While she loves the car's power Cheri prefers driving her humble SUV to the grocery store

“It does not fit in our area at all - it's pretty rare to see a car like this.

“I get tickled when people see who is driving it – they’ll often speed up to get a good look and are always surprised when they see a 56-year-old woman behind the wheel."

Extra lives: The car costs a fortune to fuel and parts are very expensive.

The Bravado Banshee has featured in all of the modern Grand Theft Auto games.

The game’s designers – Rockstar – commissioned Pimp My Ride’s West Coast Customs - to immortalise the Banshee and modify a Dodge Viper SRT-10 for the competition.

But driving a customised car can make parts extremely expensive.

Bravado Banshee: The car has featured in all of the modern Grand Theft Auto games

Cheri added: “The worst thing about owning the Banshee is costs, some of the parts are inaccessible, everything has to be taken out of the car because of the battery. Some of the upkeep is definitely the hardest part.”

With a heavy heart the family is looking to offload the Banshee to a collector who can afford to take care of it.

They are going to use the money so send Cheri’s son Austin to college.

Drawing stares: The Banshee gets lots of attention in Cheri's hometown of Havelock, North Carolina

“I’ll be happy and sad to see it go, added Cheri.

“It is a fun car I enjoy driving it but at the same time it takes up space in our home and it’s not practical to drive to the grocery store in it.

“According to West Coast Customs and Rockstar the car is valued at $180,000 dollars but I'd be happy getting $70,000 (£45,000) for it.”

College tuition: Cheri is planning to sell the car to help pay for her son to study

The decision to sell the Banshee has taken a toll on Cheri’s 19-year-old son Austin.

“When I first got in the car it I felt like I was dreaming, said Austin.

“I have been playing Grand Theft Auto for most of my life, It is an amazing game - nothing else has anything on those games.”

Selling cheap: Cheri is only asking $70,000 for the incredible car

Despite his disappointment he realises the car has got to go.

Austin said: “It's a really nice car but we need the money for other things we don't need the car to be happy.

"I would rather go to college than have this car - I'm sad to see it go but I know I had some good times with it."

Need for speed: Cheri won the incredible machine when her son used her credit card to purchase the game