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A CARPENTER and his son have spent two-months building a working car out of WOOD

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Videographer / Director: Ajay Verma
Producer: Malayanil, Chloe Browne
Editor: Kyle Waters, Ian Phillips

Wood you believe it! Amandeep Singh and his father Mohinder Singh pose with their wooden car

Amandeep and Mohinder Singh from Patiala, India, built the wooden car by hand – working up to 12-hours a day.

The car, which has a top speed of 75 mph, was carefully crafted using hundreds of planks of wood.

BARK-ing Mad: The marvelous motor is created from hundreds of planks of wood

The pair built the unconventional vehicle using traditional wooden materials covered in layers of varnish to build the classic car shape around the engine.

STICK-shift: The vehicle, which has an 800cc engine can reach 70mph

Mohinder, 55, decided to build the car when son Amandeep, 23, asked him if it would be possible to create a car from wood.

Tree-mendous: The car took Mohindeer and Amandeep two-months to build

He said: "We see all the other metal cars running on the road everyday - but I wanted to make a wooden car that would be unique.

Re-BARK-able: The unconventional ride has a petrol engine

"From the engine to carving the teak wood - everything was done at home as we couldn't afford a workshop."

Chop Gear: Amandeep Singh and his father Mohinder take their wood on wheels out for a ride

To begin the build the father and son team found a working 800cc engine then began to look for other body parts of the car, choosing teak wood to give the car a flawless finish.

Wood on Wheels: The idea sprang from Amandeep asking his father if a wooden car would be possible

The wooden car, which runs on petrol, can even be driven in the rain and has been polished so thoroughly it looks like a brand new car.

Amandeep said: "I was always passionate about designing cars and I wanted to come up with something on my own.

Crowd Pleaser: The creation has made the pair local celebrities in Patiala, India

“With the help of my father I managed to build a wooden car."

The remarkable motor has made Amandeep and Mohinder local celebrities as the wooden vehicle attracts attention wherever it goes.

Branching Out: Amandeep and Mohinder hope to turn building the unconventional motors into a business

Amandeep says: "When I stop the car a lot of people gather around me. They often ask, ‘who built it?’

“Everyone asks me for my number and wants me to make a similar car for them - it feels great."

BRANCH-atti Veyron: Amandeep Singh waits at a traffic signal in his wooden car

Amandeep's mother, Jaswinder Kaur, is on cloud nine after her son's achievement.

"He has done an extraordinary job and has made a name for himself in Punjab and even abroad," she said.

Hard Graft: A collect picture of the wooden car at Amandeep Singh's house

With their first wooden motor proving a success father and son are hoping to turn their unconventional vehicles into a business.

Amandeep said: “I would like to make more vintage cars and I’ll prepare their designs.

Under Construction: The project during the two-month building period

“I will combine the vintage appearance of wood to create a new look for these cars.

“With my father's help I will build a lot more cars out of wood - there is a lot more to come in the future."