By Mark Hodge @mrhodgey

A GANG of Japanese car fanatics show off their custom rides and driving skills

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Videographer / director: Steve’s POV
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Jack Stevens

Bling bling: A Bosozoku member covered her van in Swarovski crystals

Filmed in March 2015, this amazing footage was taken by American petrol head Steve Feldman, 45 in Japan's fourth most populated city Nagoya.

Vantastic: Customised van has a portrait of a famous Japanese musician

Car and motorcycle gangs, also known as Bosozoku, are controversial in the land of the rising sun for their love of loud engines and bright customisations.

Bright light: Most of the customised vans have LED lights built into them

During his trip, Bronx born Steve met one of the female members who had spent around $50,000 modifying her pink Honda Vamos van covering it in Swarovski crystals and LED lights.

Big bucks: One female member admitted to spending around $50,000 on customising her van

YouTuber Steve, who spends his time exploring the Japanese car culture, met the Bosozoku members during one of their monthly night gatherings.

Big deal: Bosozoku members in Nagoya meet up monthly

He said: “I had never been to an event like this before - this was the real deal and don't think many people outside of Japan let alone inside Japan ever seen a gathering quite like this.

Furry good: Bosozoku member shows off the inside of his customised van

“It is scary for some and many Japanese despise these people - Nagoya has a long history of being a bit rebellious.”

Fancy: One proud van enthusiast shows off their chandelier

Car obsessive Steve also spoke about the young lady he met and her eye-catching customisations.

Van fan: Steve Feldman travelled around Japan filming fellow petrol heads

He said: “I have been meeting more and more ladies like her - girls who love custom cars even more than the guys.

“She was so proud of her Vamos wagon and of her friends' cars too.

“The total cost of her modifications to the vehicle would easily equate to 2 or 3 times the initial price.”