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A POWERFUL light tank designed and built for the movie Mad Max: Fury Road puts on a ferocious display during its rigorous testing process

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Videographer / Director: Howe and Howe Technologies
Producer: Mark Hodge, Chloe Browne
Editor: Kyle Waters

Give peace a chance: A dual tracked vehicle named the Peacemaker is tested before joining the production of Mad Max: Fury Road

The unusual dual tracked vehicle, named ‘The Peacemaker’, has an incredible 1000 horsepower and was created by Howe and Howe Technologies, a specialist company owned by twin brothers Mike and Geoff Howe.

Double trouble: Twins Geoff and Mike Howe pose for the camera in their workshop and explain the brief they received from Mad Max director George Miller

The pair, both 40-years-old, from Maine USA, create vehicles for the military, private sector, emergency services and Hollywood studios.

The custom built light tank was built by Howe & Howe Technologies

Mike revealed that director George Miller, who helmed the previous three Mad Max movies (1979-85), phoned them about developing something unique for the new film, starring British actor Tom Hardy.

The peacemaker has an incredible 1000 horsepower and a top speed of 70 mph

He said: “We grew up in the Mad Max era, in the 1980s, and it was a big deal back then, so I would have never imagined that some day the director would call us up and ask us to make a vehicle for the new movie.

The vehicle is put through a rigorous testing process before being shipped to the Mad Max set

“Miller and his crew told us that they didn't want CGI, anybody can do CGI, what they wanted was a real badass track vehicle, which is probably the nastiest vehicle we've ever made.

The vehicle displays its raw power during the testing phase

“The Peacemaker is geared out to do about 70 mph, which is really fast for a track vehicle. Doing that kind of speed in a track vehicle makes you feel like you're in a boat – like you're doing 100 mph.

The unrelenting power and speed of the Peacemaker makes it distinct from other track vehicles

“We always put our vehicles through thorough testing - we drove the peacemaker over bumps, over sand dunes - we just threw everything we could at it, so when it got to the set, it performed just like George Miller wanted.”

The Howe brothers were both fans of the Mad Max series and were delighted to receive a call from the franchise's creator and director George Miller

And Geoff insisted the company prides itself on making actual working vehicles that can perform even when the cameras have stopped rolling.

The Peacemaker displays its awesome power by driving up a steep sand bank

He said: “The Peacemaker is not a prop vehicle, like a bat mobile that drives around and then the tyres fall off - this is the real deal and we built it that way.

“It took us about four months to build, from art to part, so the idea came in, and it was built and tested within four months, and then it got shipped overseas for the filming.”

Filmmaker George Miller tasked Howe & Howe Technologies to create a custom track vehicle for Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road lands in UK theatres on May 14, 2015.

Starting to take shape: The shell of the Peacemaker